The Ultimate Guide to Bow Ties

The Bow tie can speak many different languages for you if you let it. What I mean exactly by this is that your attire, style, and look speaks volume! It is a direct representation of who you are and what you aim to show the world that day. Monday you can be in the mood for a solid black velvet bow tie that speaks the language of elegance, style and grace. Yet on Tuesday you can switch it up and give the people a Floral Bow tie vibe that screams acknowledge me and the Drip  💧 . (Drip=style). 

Webster defines language as the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of the words in a structure and conventional way. I would argue that in regards to exclusive apparel from Sharp Crisp Clean every item speaks all languages from across the world. Imagine gaining possession of a bow tie that is in tune with your personality, tells others a million things about yourself before even having to say a word.  

The Bow Tie hints at intellectualism, style, individualism and confidence.  A type of necktie that is acceptable for numerous events and makes the outfit Sharp Crisp Clean. ✅💯

The SCC Bow Tie club provides you with an exclusive luxury bow tie and pocket square every month with small surprises. Who doesn't want to be astonished with something with style and grace once a month? What makes it so great, the bow tie gets picked for you!! If nobody else in this world loves you, just know Sharp Crisp Clean will love the hell out of you! Below are a few ways you could describe our bow ties 

1. Vintage Self Tie Bow Ties

2. Best self Tie Bow Ties  

3. Striped Self Tie Bow Ties  

4. Paisley Self Tie Bow Ties  

5. Luxurious Self Tie Bow Ties 

6. Silk, Cotton, Polyester Self tie Bow Ties  

Silk Self Tie Bow Ties 

This is the fancy fabric for a tuxedo or dinner jacket. If your event is formal, a silk bow tie will accentuate your look. The only issue at times with the silk bow tie is sometimes it seems to loosen when tied in its knot. So be sure to often check your Bow Tie  because it may not be a Bow Tie throughout the night . 

Cotton & Linen Self Tie Bow Ties

Linen and cotton are spring and summer time staples—lightweight and breathable. Personally one of my favorite type of bow ties due to the feel and the way the fabric lays. A bow tie in this fabric fits nicely with any casual look but you can wear it to any formal event. Day time parties, brunch events or Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic etc .... 

Velvet & Wool Self Tie Bow Ties 

Bring these lovely bow ties out anytime but more specifically in the Fall and Winter. These are wonder during weddings, banquets or balls. If you feel to need to do so in the summer time or spring just be aware of where the event is being held as well as how the outfit you are wearing looks! 

Bow Tie Shapes  

  • The Butterfly :This is the classic bow tie (James Bond in a tux).
  • The Big Butterfly: Just as it sounds; slightly bigger and a bit more relaxed.
  • The Batwing: The smallest option, also known as a straight or a slim bow tie.
  • The Diamond Point: This style features pointed ends, thanks to an asymmetrical knot.
  • The Rounded Club: Arguably the rarest style, the Rounded Club has an informal, casual look.

Steps on how to tie the Self Tie Bow Tie  

  1. Hang the bow tie flat around your neck with the right side about 2 inches longer or equal to the left.
  2. Cross the one end over the shorter end(Right or left depending on your dominant hand), and bring the side you choose up behind and through the other side, tying a loose knot.
  3. Fold the dominant hand side into a bow tie shape by pulling and folding it over itself, then pinching it to your neck. The center of the bow shape should be between your collar points and in the center of your neck.
  4. Pull the side that’s hanging down over and in front of the side you just made the Bow with. 
  5. Now, fold the longer end into the shape of a bow.
  6. Push the long end through the loop which is behind the shorter end. Located in the back where you Just hanged over and in front of you. 
  7. Pull both ends to tighten the knot.
  8. Adjust your tie and admire your work!



Remember when tying the bow tie don’t strive for perfection because it shouldn’t be a perfect knot. The “perfect knot” is slightly lopsided, asymmetrical, and perfect in virtue of its imperfections. That’s what makes a bow tie a bow tie !! Sharp Crisp Clean individuals stay away from clip on’s 🗣🗣!


How to wear a Blazer!

A suit may not be always the ideal look for you so let me educated you on an alternative. A blazer is a type of jacket that is considered suitable for formal occasions. Although blazers are similar to suit jackets, they do not feature matching pants. Blazers also often feature less structured shoulders than suit jackets.

We only live once so why not set the tone every time you step out with a outfit that makes them stare. Stepping out no matter the day is something that everyone looks forward to and are excited for. Any event requires a great deal of attention, style, and to be quite frank you need to be fresh! So it’s only right when hitting the scene as a Sharp Crisp Clean individual I drop the keys to success for all those that live such a lifestyle.

The blazer symbolizes grown man status, trust, uniqueness, the ability to understand fashion, class and a positive aura. The blazer for a Sharp Crisp Clean individual is like Superman with his cape, Black Panther and his vibranium, Rick Ross with his beard. It simply gives you super powers!!! The blazer should utter the words “I have arrived” once you stepped in the room without even saying a word. Check out some SCC tips on how to rock the Blazer.

1.Blazer/ Turtle Neck/ Jeans 👖/Loafers or Hard Bottoms  / Pocket Square 

2. Blazer/ Button up shirt 👔/ dress pants / Hard bottoms  /Pocket Square 

3. Blazer/ BowTie/ Jeans 👖 / Dress shirt/ Wingtips/Pocket Square 

4. Blazer / Designer shirt/ Dress pants / Pocket Square/ loafers 

There are multiple different  styles of blazers, but two most frequent blazers are the double-breasted the single button and the two-buttons.


A great blazer must fit well and be tailored to your body. Taking it to a local tailor shop or if the store you purchased provides this service is recommended. 

Things to look out for when looking for a fit:

  • If the blazer pulls and forms an “X” when buttoned.

  • If the shoulders and sleeves of the blazer will be tight and have pulls. Also if the sleeves are too long or short 

  • If the shoulders either extend past your natural shoulder or have a wrinkled and disheveled appearance. 



The Power of the White Dress shirt

A dress shirt defines you as a person based on how you wear it. Ones mood, character, confidence, and even sense of style can be determined by a mans dress shirt. When looking for the perfect tie to tie or tying your favorite bow tie the dress shirt can make it pop or not. Regardless if it’s a hand made dress shirt, a men’s fitted dress shirt, the staple color that must be in your wardrobe is the white dress shirt. Quite frankly I would recommend that you own a few white dress shirts.  Nonetheless, no matter the occasion it is important to dress correctly and fashionably.

White is the most common dress shirt and is often define as a color of perfection, purity, innocence and completion. White dress shirts can be worn to any occasion because of its versatility. It’s ideal in any situation and always recommended to wear for interviews. A white dress shirt was considered the epitome of fashion brilliance and presumably should be as common as owning a pair of socks. The things you should be aware in regards of a men’s white dress shirt is

1. The potential visibility when you begin to sweat.

2. Stain that typically produces on the collar.

3. More likely to get to get spots or stains no matter the activity. 

Due to the power of the white dress shirt you can easily dress it up with a Blazer and a pair of slacks or chinos. You can also pair it up with slacks, suspenders and dress shoes/loafers. The casual shirt wearer can wear it with some jeans and some clean looking dress boots/or even sneakers with no tie. Style is more about know what to wear, when to wear and how to wear it. Here at Sharp Crisp Clean we aim to educate the mind that leads to confidence and poise when the attire is on point. 

The power of this color dress shirt of course can be worn with suits and brings the look of cleanliness. The men’s white dress shirt brings the same aura as a freshly new haircut or tape! Below is one of my favorite bow ties that elicites style, enduce compliments, exudes amazing energy and makes you Live Sharp Stay Crisp Look Clean.



Tuxedo 101

*Rings Bell* Class is in session for  Tuxedo 101* According to a tuxedo is defined as a jacket for semiformal evening dress, traditionally of black or dark-blue color and characteristically having satin or grosgrain facing on the lapels. That doesn't necessarily mean those are the colors that you will always see or classify as a tuxedo. Due to fashion trending positively upward and with the advancement of social media, the color spectrum has drastically increased. A tuxedo sets the standard when it comes to attending an upscale event such as a ball, black tie event, Oscars or a banquet. This slick looking attire allows a debonair individual to set themselves apart and demand the attention at any event. Although there's a wide variety of fits for a tuxedo the one I would recommend would be the slim fit and or the modern fit tuxedo. 

A slim fit tuxedo does an amazing job of hugging your shoulders and distinctively alludes the physique of the body. The flat front pants is the only concern for individuals with larger legs and buttocks region but if you are able to fit them a slight break in the pants should be all you need because the pants are already tapered. (This fit usually saves you a lot on alterations) Below are some descriptions of a slim fit tuxedo:

  • Slim Lapel peak or shawl 
  • Higher Armhole
  • Tapered Body
  • Shorter Length Coat
  • Tapered legs

A modern fit tuxedo has a similar fit to the slim fit, only difference is theres more room. 

  • Slim Lapel peak or shawl 
  • Higher Armhole compared to the classic fit
  • Tapered Body
  • Shorter Length Coat
  • Tapered legs

The tuxedo exudes a strong sense of fashion, sophistication, and confidence.  Pairing the tuxedo with of course my favorite the Bow Tie is something you would commonly see. Although the tie is appealing to the eye when wearing a tux the bow tie set's it off right! When buying a tux suspender buttons should already be inside the pants. (May vary based on designer) For now class has ended but stay tune for upcoming blogs on the tuxedo.  No matter your life style ... Live Sharp Stay Crisp Look Clean

The Pea Coat Vibe

According to Webster the word vibe is defined as   a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others. The pea coat is defined as a short, double-breasted overcoat of coarse woolen cloth, formerly worn by sailors.  When you are aiming for a distinguished fashionable, stylish and professional look, I suggest to all the The Pea Coat Vibe. The Pea Coat can bring so much diversity to any individual’s wardrobe. The pea coat was originally worn in the Navy, Shockingly! The Navy trailblazed this fashionable look and we should all pay homage and be glad they did. The pea coat does wonders in the winter and the fall.

The Pea Coat comes in various styles, colors and lengths. It should be the outermost layer when wearing it. Below are a list of items, to piece together with the Pea Coat to keep your vibes positive.

1. Turtle necks

2. Suits  

3. Sweaters 

4.  Scarves 

5. Vest  

The Key to maximize The Pea Coat Vibe is layering up. Below are some pictures that do not belong to me but are great examples. 


Positive vibes is what everyone loves so let’s end this Sunday with The Pea Coat Vibe. If you are looking to purchase Pea Coats the time to do so is now as the season comes to an end. Be sure to check out our future blog that gives specific color combinations with the Pea Coat. 

When is the right time to Un-Tie

Bow ties are one of the hottest trends out that are here to stay and now there’s a new way to wear them: Open-faced. This style is worn more like a scarf and displays an air a form of sex appeal to your ensemble. Only when done at the end of the night. Around midnight an untied bow tie goes from being sloppy to sexy. An individual who can't tie a bow tie most likely brings an untied bow tie with him to parties. A bow tie aficionado who knows how to tie one would always want to shows the skills and acumen required to actually pull off the bow tie. 

Let’s imagine being at an event and although the end time is no where near, you decide to Un-Tie your Bow Tie. At this point the event still has two hours left to go but now you’ve switched to a new look. Shoot I’m guilty of sometimes wanting to alter my appearance at an event even if it’s a small but subtle move. The most important thing to remember though is when you attend an event Sharp Crisp Clean why change or dumb down the look? ......Exactly!!  

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Attending an event in this day and age will more than likely have iPhones, cameras, droids, or even camcorders that  will be out and flashing!  The odds of you not being in a picture and ending up on somebody’s social media are slim to none. So when you arrive to that special event do not, I repeat do not un-tie your Bow Tie within the first hour. When doing so everyone looks at you as the guy who is already doing the most . The one person who wants attention and for the wrong reasons. 

“Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered." - Giorgio Armani 

Aim to be remembered for the right reasons. The untied attire is a lot more appealing when attempting such style with a regular tie. 

So, here are the rules:

  1. Tie your own Bow Tie !
  2. Have it tied most of the time. (3/4)
  3. An hour before the end of the party then it’s acceptable to untie the bow tie .
  4. Feel confident about the attire you piece together. 

As always no matter your life style .....  Live Sharp Stay Crisp Look Clean 


Turtle Neck Season

A wise man once said "when in season give me a reason"!! That wise man is known as no other than myself, Mr. Sharp Crisp Clean. Bowties as stated in previous blogs can take any outfit from boring to extraordinary, from dry to classic, from aww that's nice... to damn that's Sharp Crisp Clean!! As a SCC individual, standing out, making a difference and doing it while looking good should be the motivation. Just like the saying goes "we were all born original so why die a copy" gives us even more affirmation that we can be fashionable in a suit. 

Which leads me to why all SCC individuals should invest in turtlenecks. Ladies and gentleman it's turtleneck season for a reason!! Imagine a medium grey suit with a black turtleneck underneath with a Sharp Crisp Clean pocket square or a royal blue double breasted suit with an off white turtleneck and brown wingtips. I'm a strong advocate for Bowties but versatility is the aspect to all of life.  That versatility can be attained with the insertion of Turtlenecks within your wardrobe. Turtlenecks are pleasantries, sent from heaven above. A fashion statement that keeps you warm, dapper and brings instant sex appeal to any outfit.  

The turtleneck plays the role of the accent color when pairing it with a suit, so be careful in trying too do to much while wearing it. All of us are guilty of overthinking the most simplest things in life but I'm here to provide you with the keys to success.

*Cues in song* When it's cold outside.... in the month of May. (Brings out Turtlenecks) 

Be sure to look out for future post on specific outfits you can wear with turtlenecks and like always leave a comment and ask questions. It's turtleneck season with a nice SCC pocket square. Below are some great examples of turtlenecks with suits. (Photos do not belong to Sharp Crisp Clean) No matter your life style ......


The Patterned Shirt

As men's fashion continues to expand an influx of patterned shirts are becoming an appealing fashion forward look. For the right occasion steering away from the traditional printed collared shirt, if worn correctly can be executed by many.  By no means do I encourage you to do it for any professional or business event. One thing I'm very passionate about is adding value to your suits and a great way to do so is to reinvent them with new combinations. Buying suits are very expensive especially if you value quality! Quality over quantity but when you can make your quantity quality, you are a legend! 

Patterned shirts can alter your suit color to an extent , add a different dimension , or even highlight a specific aspect of your suit that you may not have noticed before. When aiming to maximize the patterned shirt combinations two things you should avoid. 1. Avoid mixing too many patterns 2. Avoid the color combination overload. Self actualization is the ability to develop and maximize potential. Sharp Crisp Clean aims to bring that out you and then some.  Let's go over some patterns that you can find in stores. 

Paisley Patterned  

Paisley Patterned  

Great with solid colored Bow ties and ties. No tie look with the top two buttons unbuttoned also is very stylish. 



Stripe Patterned  

Amazing with Paisley patterned bow ties and ties or solids.  



Polka Dots  








Animal Print Patterns  

When it comes to patterns I suggest you keep things simple at first until you understand the art of putting combinations together. Remember doing to much isn't always better. Educating yourself and being knowledgeable on patterns will take you a long way. Be sure to check back in when I highlight and show examples on how to wear each patterned. No matter your lifestyle ... Live Sharp Stay Crisp Look Clean

The Power of the Top button

The ability to bring about change, the skill to impact, influence or set a positive trend in fashion. When speaking on fashion and referring to the word power, that's the way I define and view it. The most subtle attention to detail can alter any look in a stylish manner. Let's not get it misconstrued, I am a very large proponent on always completing the outfit and wearing a Bow tie or a tie but certain times calls for certain Sharp Crisp Clean looks. In this case let me provide you with the knowledge, and pertinent information that will increase your wardrobe looks tremendously.

The power of the top button on a dress shirt is endless . It visually brings something appealing that the ladies love, and it provides and alleudes a strong sense of confidence/sex appeal. Fellas by no means will that sex appeal be at a all time high if the inside of your collared shirt is dirty!!!!! Sharp Crisp Clean in all facets of life!!! Picture this a light bluish/grey suit brown wingtips a white collared shirt buttoned all the way up, a stylish SCC pocket square a gold watch. Talk about Look Sharp! Below are examples of the power the top button holds! Photos do not belong to Sharp Crisp Clean. 


Classic, Blue double breasted blazer. Light blue shirt with top two buttons unbuttoned



Blue suit, white collared shirt buttoned all the wear up. 

Grey suit checkered shirt and pocket square .Top two buttons unbuttoned 

Grey suit checkered shirt and pocket square .Top two buttons unbuttoned 

When the desire to switch up and add looks to your wardrobe, don't hesitate to use the power of the top button. No matter your lifestyle ..... Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean.  

Suit Pocket Etiquette

For some odd reason whenever you're wearing a suit you seem to have so many things to carry and place in your pocket. When you wear a suit, damn near every day like myself, eventually you start finding the tricks and trades in where to place things. My suit becomes a swiss army knife, a batman utility belt, an industructible armor, a Captain American shield, my Black Panther special made vabranium suit! You get the point!! With that being said as a Sharp Crisp Clean connoisseur it's only right that I bless you with some gems .

Before the blessing most always come the lesson. A suit is a set of men's garments of the same color and fabric, consisting of a jacket, trousers and if it's a three piece, a vest. A pocket is a shaped piece of fabric attached inside or outside a garment, which ultimately forms a pouch used to carry small articles. Eitquette is defined as a code of behavior that potrays expectations for social behavior according to conventional norms within a society. When we combine all three into one phrase we get the rules that I suggest suit lovers should follow to have longer lasting suits. Ever wonder why you have a tear or a hole inside your suit pocket or a small tear on the crease of your pant pocket (side seam pocket)? It occurs mainly because you're applying to much stress on the suit fabric.

Here are some suggestions on what pocket to put certain items

Wallet :Inside suit jacket pocket 

Car Keys:Inside suit jacket pocket if possible place in a brief case , book bag or leave at desk when possible

Cell Phone:Inside suit jacket pocket 

A majority of the items should be placed on the inside of your suit pocket. Look to minimize the size of the items you carry. For example, a Sharp Crisp Clean man should invest in a nice small sized wallet to carry around the essentials. Just as suit fabric is sewed together it can be torn apart. As much as we pay for our suits, it is our due diligence to invest in the knowledge that makes them last longer. 


Pant 👖 Break

The break in a pair of dress pants is the fold or creasing due to the length of fabric resting on one’s shoes. In simple terms it's the length of your dress pants relative to your dress shoe. Throughout history the style of ones pant break has changed continuously. Based on the individuals style, body type , occasion or season. What's very important to know in reference towards your pant break is that once you make that decision of getting your pants tailored,  it will drastically change a pair of trousers. If you plan on putting a high break on a pair of trousers then that's the length it will be moving forward, depending on how much the tailor cuts the fabric.

Keep in mind not everyone can pull off the different styles of pant breaks. Pant length is a decision that should have less to do with fashion trends, and more to do with the style that fits you best. 


Above The Ankle Break        Sharp Crisp Clean pointers:    Fashion-forward. Sockless shoes.  Best with Loafers and wingtips. Slim fit pants. In style but not for everyone.    

Above The Ankle Break  

Sharp Crisp Clean pointers:  Fashion-forward. Sockless shoes.  Best with Loafers and wingtips. Slim fit pants. In style but not for everyone. 



 Full Break

Sharp Crisp Clean pointers: Very conservative. Business professional. Can give the perception that the trousers are to big.



 Medium Break

Sharp Crisp Clean pointers: Timeless look. Ideal for business and professional attire.



 Slight Break

Sharp Crisp Clean pointers: Versatility. Recommend for the majority of your pants.  

Outside Weddings

When it comes to a wedding, the scenery is everything. It's one of the most important factors at a wedding other than the brides wedding dress. Although, being that we are Sharp Crisp Clean individuals the grooms suit is the most important element at a wedding. (Fellas don't you dare tell your finance that either) Thank me later !!

The venue will make the first and last impression  for all those who attend the wedding. It lures you in similar to the way Aladdin summoned his genie back into the 24 karat gold lamp. It calls your name, touches your soul, and delivers an aroma of love into the air that can't be discovered anywhere else except at such a wonderful ceremonial wedding. The unparalleled warm yet romantic botanical garden, the sound of the ocean shore as the sunsets, the elegant yet extravagant water fall back drop scenery associated with the classy, yet beautiful white folding chairs. All should paint a vivid picture into your mind that either makes you reminisce or day dream about any upcoming wedding. With that being said of course as a Sharp Crisp Clean condissaur one must be fully prepared.  A list of items that must be present, accounted for, or avoided when attending an outside wedding 

1.  Small Rag  

2. High quality Shades (I.e. Ray Bands, Versace) 

3. Cell Phone

4. Mint 

5. Thin / small men's wallet 

6. Should be wearing an undershirt under your dress shirt. Plain White undershirt unless your shirt is dark. 

7. A Watch  

8. Stay away from polyester suits . Wool is your best friend. 

9. If you sweat a lot try to avoid taking your jacket off during pictures.  

10. Wear deodorant and cologne before attending  

11. Microfiber shirts are ideal 

12.  Cigar 

Mother Nature can be our best friend or our worse enemy. The outside wedding especially in the summer time is becoming a lot more common. Therefore it is only right to be as equipped as a army Swiss knife and have all the keys to success. Lifestyles matter ! Appearance matters! So why not do yourself a favor and Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean on these special occasions.


For the Love of Brown WingTips

When the love for a person, place or thing runs so deep, one can't help but to hold it close to your heart ! In this case, For the Love of Brown WingTips let's make it an extension of ourselves and place it on our feet!! A Sharp Crisp Clean Wardrobe separates from the rest , illuminates all eyes and participates in any conversation that deals with being Top 5! There isn't a pants in any mans wardrobe that I couldn't simple insert the Brown WingTips to help complete the look. Before I bless you with the Brown Wingtip movement, let's first educate !!

Wingtip shoes feature a cap toe that comes to a point in the center and spreads out towards the side of the shoe. The shape resembles a wing. The color brown one would define as a color that is pigment-rich, beautiful, elegant, and exudes everything that makes the harm warm. When we combine those two together you get a master piece heavenly sent ! The Brown WingTip should be the highlight of any season. A well defined, tailored royal blue suit, a pastel color BowTie and a white shirt with the heart warming brown WingTips. Well ladies and gentlemen from that day forward the sky is the limit! My first question to you would be, what are we taking over first?!  For that elegant color concept, for that artistic demonstration, for that unique sophistication of class emitted by Brown WingTips is where my love derives from. 

Brown WingTips can come in many different Shades of Brown. Each shade of brown can be worn for a different occasion. Add value, versitality and individuality to ones wardrobe is what we at Sharp Crisp Clean preach.

BowTies and  Brown WingTips are one hell of a combination and can be worn by anyone who wants to Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean.  



When you hear the word oxblood as a Sharp Crisp Clean individual the first thing that should come to mind is the oh so versatile burgundy dress shoes!! Oxblood dress shoes are also known as Cordovan dress shoes. This colour dress shoe is a requirement for any individual who aspires to add quality to ones wardrobe. The oxblood dress shoe adds the missing piece to any suit bow tie combination. Dare to be different. Dare to add a different look that many may have no idea existed. Dare to bring a new colour within the outfit that brings excitement, the last missing ingredient, the final touch! Oxblood is a color considered to be a dark shade of red. It resembles burgundy, but has more of a darker brown hue to it. It's the new wave. The new sense of fashion that eliminates doubts and fears.  The new red!! Wingtips , hard bottoms, loafers 👞... In the oxblood color,  is as pleasant to the eyes as food porn. 

Picture this!  A Sharp Crisp Clean BowTie a eye popping, extravagant,  medium grey suit, a clean white shirt, and a pair of oxblood wingtip hardbottoms. Any mishaps within an outfit can become a life crisis!! Quality can become a cotashtrophy when an important part of the element is out of order. 

Before one is able to execute dressing Sharp Crisp Clean , educating and understanding the knowledge is a necessity.   The oxblood dress shoe demonstrates creativity that many aren't confident enough to pull off. The versatility of the ox blood shoe is demonstrated in the amount of suits this dress shoe is compatible with. The ying to our yang in regards to living Sharp Crisp Clean. It's a lifestyle that's attainable to all! 

Brown Suit ✅ 

Black Suit  ✅

Blue Suit  ✅

Grey Suit  ✅

Olive Suit ✅ 

Do yourself a favor and make sure you have a pair of oxblood dress shoes to help expand your woardrobe and add a different, creative, exciting visualization that brings harmony to the soul! 



Rocking Dress Shoes With No Socks

    * Sings*Summer, Summer, Summertime. Time to sit back and unwind. *Inserts Fresh Prince Voice* Here it is the groove slightly transformed. Just a bit of a break from the norm. Just a little something to break the monotony.  

     Tis the season ladies and gentlemen!! Dare to be different and remain cool literally and figuratively. With that being said guess what's back? The classic sockless look but with a twist in regards to the shoes it's being done with. More and more men are stepping out the house rocking the dress shoes with no socks look. By no means am I discouraging the look, although I'm a firm believer in the phrase "Fresh Socks is the way to the top"! As a Sharp Crisp Clean individual one must be able to adapt as if we have super powers like mystique from X-Men or as if we were the  ageless wonder of the world Snoop Dogg and spice things up. Mostly anything can work in the world of fashion- but as stated in many of my blogs prior theirs an appropriate look for every occasion. As long as you don't engage in rocking the dress shoes with no socks look while in business attire at a business event, feel free to experiment.                         

    First and foremost the shoes you wear need to stand on their own. Meaning the shoes has to be SCC standard and must be aesthetically appealing to the eye. In fashion sense, it better look how it feel! Any dress shoe is fair game, I would recommended to get some oxfords, Brooks Brothers, Florsheim's, Cole Haans, Stacy Adams, and Johnson's and Murphy's. Make sure your feet are clean, hell it's alright for men to get a pedicure! You never know when you might have to take your shoes off and to save yourself the embarrassment make sure your well groomed! 

    If you're going to do it, make sure the pants or shorts you use are up to par. In regards to pants whether they are cuff bottoms or plain bottoms make sure the break is slightly above the ankle. (2inches) Let's not have the break in our pants too high because then it looks like Capri's. Lotion up those ankles fellas! Jeans , Slim fit pants , slim-cut Chinos , and regular pants that are fitted  will all work. 

   I also recommend buying some cedar shoe trees, or power to help with the sweating that's about to take place in those dress shoes of yours. Cedar shoe tress are for after you wear the dress shoes and the powder is for during.  One must always be prepared and ready for any battle. Feel free to chyme in with any questions, concerns and comments on the dress shoes with no socks below .Images below aren't mine but are good representation of how to wear the dress shoes with no socks.

As always, ~No matter your life style you can  Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean~



Floral Fanatic

A key element to being Sharp Crisp Clean is being able to kill many different looks. When I use the word kill, I use it in the context of making anything you wear look great, lit, fresh, clean, sharp, fye!! The end goal is to look good and feel good no matter your lifestyle. Being that it's summer time, what better way to show a unique expression of individuality by wearing Floral pattern bowties. Floral is a design, that is pertaining to or consisting of flowers.

Ask yourself this! How many weddings do I have to attend this summer or year? Do I love to add items to my outfits that make it pop? Do I enjoy getting compliments from others about what I wear? Do I dare to be different ?  Being that you're reading this blog I'm positive that the answers to all those questions are yes!! So let's embrace being a Floral Fanatic. 

A Floral Fanatic ladies and gentleman is an amazing  thing. Floral bowties will allow you to showcase your  confidence , sophistication  and is just a clean look. It's not a suit color, a shirt color, a pants color that you couldn't coordinate with a Floral bow tie. The bow ties you wear shows creativity , style and can make a lasting impression on anybody you meet. So allow me to provide you with gems, nuggets, and pivotal information that will benefit you at all times.  Be sure to check out all the new floral bow ties dropping this month in the bow tie section! Sneak peak below ! 


A Dab of Light Blue

SummerTime! The season between spring and autumn that  usually occurs in the months of June, July, and August. Palm trees , sunshine,  98 degree weather in the daytime of course are just some of the things that come to mind around this time of year . When you Live Sharp Crisp Clean, one must adapt with the times and as seasons change so does the dab of color.  A dab of color never hurt nobody a wise man once said ! Summer time is the perfect opportunity to display colored Bow ties while one travels and experiences the world.  In order to Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean one must obtaining particular set of skills that everyone does not have. So the dab of Color that will be highlighted this month will be the color, Light Blue.  Light blue is beneficial to the mind and body and is often related to cleanliness. So wearing a dab of light blue exemplifies being Clean! 

A dab of light blue can do wonders to any suit or attire one may choose to wear. Picture this ; A beach wedding in the middle of June that you are attending and you decide to live SCC. Your attire consist of a tan suit similar to the color of the inside of chopped wood, an off white dress shirt, a Gold Rolex, gold lapel pin and a bow tie with light with a matching pocket square from That look alone would do wonders and set you apart from everyone whose attending the wedding . The feeling of empowerment, confidence, stylish, oozing with the dab of light blue would have everyone glorifying the ground you walk on. The dab of color will change continuously but for now I encourage you to add a dab of light blue . 


Loafers, Suits & BowTies

A loafer can be defined as a person who is generally lazy, likes to sleep in and do nothing all day, a person who is allergic to the grind , the hustle, the hardship. Scared and unmotivated to put in the work to get the results. Loafers in reference to shoes, is a shoe that doesn't have a lacing system and can be slipped on the foot. A less casual style shoe with a small heel. So ultimately it takes less work to put on, compared to other dress shoes. Combine the two definitions and you get the ideas and stereotypes on penny loafers. I'm here to change that and to encourage you why a Sharp Crisp Clean individual defies that definition. Actually incorporating loafers into your outfit when wearing a suit and a Bowtie is even more difficult to accomplish in comparison to hardbottoms and wingtips. Dare to be different but look Sharp Crisp Clean while doing it, is what life's all about. PLEASANTRIES!! 

Loafers , Suits & BowTies creates a look that's different, a situation that's unique, a visual masterpiece like Picasso!  The bow tie demonstrates a particular set of skills that attracts and stimulates the opposite sex. The suit sets the foundation! The loafers completes the look! It Demonstrates that you are an individual that pays attention to detail. A person who is alert and focused on the finer things in life. 

By no means do you ever wear loafers a suit and a bow tie to an interview or a professional setting! By no means! Like always, theirs a place and a time to wear anything . This will be addressed in a later blog.

Life is only as difficult as we make it when it comes to style so let's not . Loafers, a suit and a BowTie is a SummerTime must. 


Wine not?!

Wine not!? The most difficult thing to do in life is figuring out when to wear certain outfits that in our case allows you to be Sharp Crisp Clean. Questions that run through minds on a daily basis can range from; When to wear the wine suit? Do I include a bow tie ? Pocket Square? Loafers or wing tips? White button up shirt or white button up no collar? Go Grown and sexy, possibly with a black shirt ? The answer is simple!! Always go with  the Complete Look!!!   The complete look will  always set you apart from the rest and defines being Sharp Crisp Clean. What's the complete look you ask ? Well let me tell you!  No matter the occasion, the location, or even the time, the complete look consist of having your pocket square, SCC bow tie , coat if your wearing a suit, watch, and hard bottoms,loafers or shoes. (Make sure your shoes are shine and in good condition because ladies love a man with Clean good looking shoes). 

Wine suits as stated in last weeks blog is a necessity in all SCC wardrobes. Bringing them out in the summer time with the  SCC BowTie that compliments and adds a splash of confidence, color and completeness to the outfit speaks volumes!! To give all of you  Sharp Crisp Clean lovers the secret to success, a list of recommendations on when to wear the SummerTime Wine! 

A Wedding in the Summer that's either outside or inside. As long as the wedding colors are not similar to the suit .. Wine Not!?  

A day party on a roof top starting at noon and ending whenever. Wine Not!?

A dinner date with your beautiful family, wife , girlfriend, or fiancé to an upscale restaurant. Wine Not!? 

A company dinner to celebrate success. Wine Not!? 

A club on South Beach!? Wine Not!? 

A highschool reunion at that the beach or even a five star hotel. Wine Not!?  

 Attending the NFL or NBA draft to hear your name called . Wine Not!?

Bachelor party in the summer spring or fall. Wine Not!?  

The wine suit provides value, exudes uniqueness , exhibits swag and demands attention . So again I ask you Wine Not!? 



SummerTime Wine

When the word wine arises the first thing that comes to my mind is an elegant, ball, or special event that brings together friends, family, coworkers and of course lovers. In regards to being Sharp Crisp Clean wine is defined as that colour that intensifies your demeanor , adds a splash of style , an enormous amount of confidence , and demands attention from all eyes. When you want to impress and set the mood for any debonair occasion the wine coloured suit is a necessity. It's life or death!! It's the keys to success!! It's like buying a new car with no payments!! It's like walking out of a casino with winnings from roulette compared to walking out, loosing everything playing blackjack!! It's like your favorite team winning the Super Bowl compared to your team loosing in the NBA finals game 7!! You get the picture, the feeling is life changing and doesn't come around often. So why wouldn't anyone want to feel this way on a consistent basis? It's attainable to you, if you Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean. The world is yours and everything that's in it. The SummerTime Wine changes lives one day at a time .

More Wine 

It's 7:00 pm in the evening and you walk into a restaurant with colleagues, friends, families and or your beautiful date. The evening is set to be exquisite yet tasteful. As you step inside, a felling of owners ship comes upon you. The lighting is excellent and the sensational smell of the food causes an uproar in your stomach. The mood is set but the one thing that is missing is the SummerTime Wine suit to set you apart from the rest. 

SummerTime is the best time to live life , hit the scene , and explore. All things are capable with those who are fully prepared. So let SCC style you and put you on the right path. Make sure to get you some wine colored SCC  bowTies to stay SumerTime fly!