Not Your Standard Knot

Tying a tie and creating the perfect knot is something that is stress in many households, business facilities, and especially at Men course stores. To avoid being talked about in a bad way in regards to your tie, Learn how to tie one!!! Tying a tie may seem like a daunting task at first, but becomes very simple in no time once you master the art. Based on the occasion and dress code there is a Knot that everyone can master and be SharpCrispClean. Tie knots that have been created by intelligent human beings, gives you the edge needed to look your best at all times. Now every knot might not be appealing to all, or might not fit the outfit so choose wisely when preparing to step outside the box. The forehand, half Windsor, full Windsor are not the knots that I am referencing in regards to unorthodox knots. The special X-men knots I like to call them can be judged on how it looks aesthetically, symmetrically, and the difficulty of tying the knot.

            The Eldredge Knot, the Tulip knot, trinity knot, the Novotny knot, are some examples of your not so standard knots. These not so standard knots provide a degree of difficulty, and provide a sense of illusion to the human eye. Below are examples of the knots I speak of. Make sure to check out future blogs that give detail descriptions on certain knots and ways to wear them! No matter your lifestyle you can always Live Sharp, Stay Crisp, Look Clean.