The Power Of Colour

The Power of Colour


A dress shirt defines you as a person based on how you wear it. Ones mood, character, confidence, and even sense of style can be determined by a persons dress shirt. How colour is perceived and the right color for your skin tone is two different stories. Nonetheless, no matter the occasion it is important to dress correctly and fashionably.


White is the most common dress shirt and is often define as a colour of perfection, purity, innocence and completion. White dress shirts can be worn to any occasion because of its versatility. It’s ideal in any situation and always recommended to wear for interviews.


Black exudes power, radiates authority, implies self-control and discipline. A person is said to mean business when wearing all black. A black dress shirt is a immense party look. It can be worn to a gala or a sophisticated event. One is never under-dressed nor overdressed in all black which is a staple for SharpCrispClean individuals.


Blue promotes physical and mental relaxation, while giving off the characteristics of trust, honesty and loyalty. Light blue dress shirts are a great interview shirt and can be worn throughout all seasons. Blue dress shirts are a must have and should be one of your first colored shirts, when enhancing your wardrobe.


Purple symbolizes mystery, spirituality, creativity, power, luxury and royalty. Purple calms the mind and nerves and shows that an individual has a sense of creativity. Purple is a common colour  that is worn to weddings and is a fan favorite of the ladies. 

Ivory/ Off White

The colour ivory represents pleasantness, relaxation, pureness and elegance. This dress shirt is ideal in weddings to incorporate the color scheme and tie everything together. An ivory dress shirt is as common as white shirts but brings a totally different look. The combinations that can be put with this colour dress shirt are limitless.


Red symbolizes energy, strength, power, determination, and passion.  Depending on the shade of red it can be worn mostly to social events. This colour dress shirt can be worn on Valentines Day, in the summer, spring or fall but the most important thing to consider is the event that it is being worn to.