Brace Yourself

The come back of men's braces are real! And no I am not speaking of the braces made for your teeth but instead your pants. Braces are traditionally intended on holding up a man's trousers. In our present day, braces add style, personality, uniqueness, and a sense of taste.  

Braces are straps of cloth that goes over a mans shoulder and down to the front of the trousers, where they button to the waistband. In the back, braces either form an x-shape or a y-shape. The texture style and material can range based on the brand. Materials such as silk, synthetic rayon, wool or woolen boxcloth are just some types that braces can be made out of. What make braces unique is that, it buttons to your waistband unlike suspenders that clip. 

Braces are adjusted to raise or lower the pants so that the point at which the legs join is comfortably situated.  

Why braces you ask? Simple, it's a classic look that brings an extra punch to any outfit!!!!! 

Imagine going to a formal event or a professional function and more than likely you will take your jacket off.  If you do and you're wearing braces ..Bam!!! Brand new man!! Brand new look!! A SharpCrispClean individual who just changed the whole game!  

Attention to detail fellas! Attention to details! Ladies love a man who pays attention to the details. The next time you decided to get SharpCrispClean,  always remember to BRACE YourSelf!!