Under The Scenes

Attention to detail in all things that you do in life will always take you far. When it comes to being SharpCrispClean, the small things can define an outfit, draw the attention one may desire and of course attracts the ladies. Fellas, when wearing a dress shirt under the scenes is very important. The correct under shirt garment must be properly worn at all times.  

In a earlier blog the Power of Colours I stated that a shirt defines you as a person based on the color and how you wear it.  The undershirt is an extension of your dress shirt and is the exclamation point to your definition! 

Why is under the scenes so important you may ask while being SharpCrispClean?   

Imagine going for a job interview and presenting yourself to the boss or hiring manager in a Slim fit navy blue suit, brown captoe shoes, a yellow/gold tie (Power look) with a solid white pocket square. As the interview prolongs the boss is so comfrortable and excited about you he tells you to relax and take off your jacket. Not thinking much about it you take your jacket off and everything from there can go either two ways .... 

If you wore a undershirt with no print on the shirt .. Then dammit!!! The job is in the bag!  But if you either wore a different color under shirt or it had a printing on it and you was sweating, so the boss see's right through it then you may have ruined just about everything you positioned yourself for!! Details and being presentable lets people know you care about the small gritty pieces that make things function properly. It demonstrates that your are willing to go in depth on any argument and aim for perfection or close to it.  

" Details create the big picture". ~Sanford I. Weill~  

Under the scenes the place where most things happen that can either make or break you... But if your SharpCrispClean you aren't most people and your always ahead of the game!