As a SharpCrispClean individual one should always have at least two blazers in one's closet. A sharply tailored, single or double breasted blazer will take any man far and add versatility to the wardrobe. It allows you to channel your inner C.L.E.A.N. look mentality. Cosmo-looks leaves everyone amazed nightly is what can best describe that look specifically. 

When attending events that are formal and you want to get your grown on, put on a Blaze-Her with your outfit and complete the look. Blaze-Hers range in color, design, fabric and some have elbow patches but each one can bring something different to the table. Instead of always wearing a suit to cocktail parties and clubs, a Blaze-Her will show that you are capable of having a good time. It demonstrates that your conscious of yourself worth and value your appearance. It alludes to others that you are knowledgable of how men should dress for different occasions. Fellas, ladies love a man who values their appearance but doesn't take it overboard. Exude confidence but never be too cocky. Lastly, in order to amaze her you can never go wrong with the Blaze-Her!!!!