Five W's with a Hint of Grey Suits


The first thing we learned in elementary school are the basic questions you should always ask who,what,when,where,and why. Sometimes we have to go back to the basics to understand the situation and context. We use these questions when we have a problem but today it's not a negative issue, more so a blessing. The grey suit is second to none and exudes SharpCrispClean characteristics. Grey suits can be described as the old school jam that no matter the year, always hits!! People want to Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean, so it would be a sin if I didn't equip my SCC fans with the ultimate power, which is knowledge. 


The color grey according to psychology is an unemotional color. It is detached, neutral, and indecisive. Ultimately this means you can do anything with it in regards to men's fashion. When the fall comes around grey suits are in style. When spring time come around grey suits are in style. When summer time comes into play you can bet your favorite pair of shoes that you wear once a month... grey suits are in style. Therefore we can draw the conclusion that no matter the season there are 50 shades of grey that can work for any occasion. Ladies and gentleman that's why I love having grey suits.

Grey suits are stable, they create a sense of calm and composure for any SharpCrispClean individual. It relives you from the chaotic world and it sends off positive vibes.  Who doesn't love to feel good and give off positive energy?? I'll wait...... My point exactly!!


Grey suits are something I like to call the positive affect machine. Reason I say this is because when contrasting other colors with grey it can tone down the stronger and brighter colors and illuminating the softer colors. The positive affect machine can be worn to a plethora amount of events. Depending on the shade it can be formal, casual, or humble my boss grey. 

Charcoal grey suits can be called the modern day black. It gives you more versatility, allows you to be conservative or non conservative based on colors you wear underneath. Other than navy blue charcoal grey is the ideal interview suit color. Light grey suits are amazing evening functions or major events such as weddings.  Light grey suits are crowd pleasers and most importantly a SharpCrispClean staple. (Dinners, banquets, interviews, business professional events )


"There are two great days in a person's life- the day we are born and the day we discover why" - William Barclay- 

Sometimes you don't need a why, just know it's the right choice. We don't ask James Bond why he wear grey suits! A SCC man who is a smooth talker, get's the ladies and he always completes his mission.  The grey suit, some say is boring, some say it's conservative, I say there's 50 shades of grey make it what you want!