The Sharp, The Clean, The Scruffy

As a SharpCrispClean individual one must be mindful of all aspects of life in regards to dressing. Fellas when I mention the complete look the reference of personal hygiene is part of the formula. They don't want you to be SharpCrispClean!! So that gives you even more reason to pay attention to the details and exude it at all times. Ladies love a man in a fitted suit but will always examine a man's hygienes to the utmost to make a final decision. To better comprehend what it truly means one would describe hygiene as the practice or activity that you do to keep things healthy and clean.  Activities such as brushing and flossing your teeth, keeping your nails Clean, maintain a sharp haircut and facial hair in order are all keys to success. A SharpCrispClean man should have a PHD in personal hygienistry. 

"Take  care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." -Jim Rohn-

The Sharp  , The Clean, The Scruffy which category do you fall into? Below are are list of scenarios that will keep you in the right category and that should be followed when in SCC attire. 

  • Dress shirt should be clean around the collar. 
  • Nails should be at a certain length and should not contain dirt or any particles underneath them. 
  • Hair should be appropriately groomed and maintained .
  • Beard should be appropriately groomed.  
  • The smell should compliment the way you look. 
  • Showering is a must.  
  • Socks and shoes should not have a foul odor  
  •  Be mindful of your breath 

Be sure to check out next week blogs as we go more in depth on personal hygiene all month.  

No matter the life style you can always Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean