In Paris, scarves are one of the most celebrated accessories. In the most historical streets in the world you can find several boutiques that exclusively sells the item. An écharpe is as practical as it is fashionable. Since Paris is widely considered the fashion capital of the world, you will find a sea of scarves on parisian men and women alike on any given day.

In the wintertime, the key is to mix style with comfortability. Therefore the primary goal is warmth! Parisian women will wear scarves as large as blankets which goes perfectly with the slimming silhouette underneath. The most popular and most timeless design is checkered or plaid, generally in a neutral color. The bolder fashionista might don a pattern with more personality such paisley or aztec.

In general, the rectangle scarves tend to dominate other shapes and mainly due to its versatility. You can wrap it loosely around your collar or tightly around your neck, tossed carefully over your shoulder, or even draped over your torso like a poncho. The possibilities are endless and this is why the rectangular scarf has remained so popular.

Whichever style you choose, do as the parisians do and stay classy, elegant, and chic. 

No matter your life style you can always Live Sophisticated Stay Classy and Look clean !