BowTie Loves-Her!


“One can never be over educated or overdressed”. The words of Mr. Oscar Wilde are what prompted Sierra Payne to pursue her Master’s degree in the Textile, Apparel Design, and Merchandising department at Louisiana State University. She believes that being well dressed isn’t simply a sign of one’s interest in fashion, but also a display of self-confidence, self-awareness, and positivty. 


Sierra is interested in textile design, specifically producing hand-decorated textiles in an effort to focus more on the artist and the creative process of making designs on fabric. She wants people to become connected to the clothing that they wear. Before graduating this spring, Sierra is working on a project in order to identify men’s fabric preferences for bowties. She created several hand-decorated fabrics through methods of tie dye, batik, and painting. She also used Adobe Illustrator to design digital patterns which were then printed onto fabric. Finally, the hand-decorated and digital creation methods were combined to create what Sierra calls “fusion fabrics”.  Sharp Crisp Clean took these designs and hand created the BowTies you will see in the link. A new bow tie lover possibly?!! Regardless remember Bowties loves her!!


Want a chance to win one of these one-of-a-kind bowties? Click on the link below to take a brief survey about Sierra’s bowties and decide for yourself which is your fabric preference.