The Power of the Top button

The ability to bring about change, the skill to impact, influence or set a positive trend in fashion. When speaking on fashion and referring to the word power, that's the way I define and view it. The most subtle attention to detail can alter any look in a stylish manner. Let's not get it misconstrued, I am a very large proponent on always completing the outfit and wearing a Bow tie or a tie but certain times calls for certain Sharp Crisp Clean looks. In this case let me provide you with the knowledge, and pertinent information that will increase your wardrobe looks tremendously.

The power of the top button on a dress shirt is endless . It visually brings something appealing that the ladies love, and it provides and alleudes a strong sense of confidence/sex appeal. Fellas by no means will that sex appeal be at a all time high if the inside of your collared shirt is dirty!!!!! Sharp Crisp Clean in all facets of life!!! Picture this a light bluish/grey suit brown wingtips a white collared shirt buttoned all the way up, a stylish SCC pocket square a gold watch. Talk about Look Sharp! Below are examples of the power the top button holds! Photos do not belong to Sharp Crisp Clean. 


Classic, Blue double breasted blazer. Light blue shirt with top two buttons unbuttoned



Blue suit, white collared shirt buttoned all the wear up. 

Grey suit checkered shirt and pocket square .Top two buttons unbuttoned 

Grey suit checkered shirt and pocket square .Top two buttons unbuttoned 

When the desire to switch up and add looks to your wardrobe, don't hesitate to use the power of the top button. No matter your lifestyle ..... Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean.