The Ultimate Guide to Bow Ties

The Bow tie can speak many different languages for you if you let it. What I mean exactly by this is that your attire, style, and look speaks volume! It is a direct representation of who you are and what you aim to show the world that day. Monday you can be in the mood for a solid black velvet bow tie that speaks the language of elegance, style and grace. Yet on Tuesday you can switch it up and give the people a Floral Bow tie vibe that screams acknowledge me and the Drip  💧 . (Drip=style). 

Webster defines language as the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of the words in a structure and conventional way. I would argue that in regards to exclusive apparel from Sharp Crisp Clean every item speaks all languages from across the world. Imagine gaining possession of a bow tie that is in tune with your personality, tells others a million things about yourself before even having to say a word.  

The Bow Tie hints at intellectualism, style, individualism and confidence.  A type of necktie that is acceptable for numerous events and makes the outfit Sharp Crisp Clean. ✅💯

The SCC Bow Tie club provides you with an exclusive luxury bow tie and pocket square every month with small surprises. Who doesn't want to be astonished with something with style and grace once a month? What makes it so great, the bow tie gets picked for you!! If nobody else in this world loves you, just know Sharp Crisp Clean will love the hell out of you! Below are a few ways you could describe our bow ties 

1. Vintage Self Tie Bow Ties

2. Best self Tie Bow Ties  

3. Striped Self Tie Bow Ties  

4. Paisley Self Tie Bow Ties  

5. Luxurious Self Tie Bow Ties 

6. Silk, Cotton, Polyester Self tie Bow Ties  

Silk Self Tie Bow Ties 

This is the fancy fabric for a tuxedo or dinner jacket. If your event is formal, a silk bow tie will accentuate your look. The only issue at times with the silk bow tie is sometimes it seems to loosen when tied in its knot. So be sure to often check your Bow Tie  because it may not be a Bow Tie throughout the night . 

Cotton & Linen Self Tie Bow Ties

Linen and cotton are spring and summer time staples—lightweight and breathable. Personally one of my favorite type of bow ties due to the feel and the way the fabric lays. A bow tie in this fabric fits nicely with any casual look but you can wear it to any formal event. Day time parties, brunch events or Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic etc .... 

Velvet & Wool Self Tie Bow Ties 

Bring these lovely bow ties out anytime but more specifically in the Fall and Winter. These are wonder during weddings, banquets or balls. If you feel to need to do so in the summer time or spring just be aware of where the event is being held as well as how the outfit you are wearing looks! 

Bow Tie Shapes  

  • The Butterfly :This is the classic bow tie (James Bond in a tux).
  • The Big Butterfly: Just as it sounds; slightly bigger and a bit more relaxed.
  • The Batwing: The smallest option, also known as a straight or a slim bow tie.
  • The Diamond Point: This style features pointed ends, thanks to an asymmetrical knot.
  • The Rounded Club: Arguably the rarest style, the Rounded Club has an informal, casual look.

Steps on how to tie the Self Tie Bow Tie  

  1. Hang the bow tie flat around your neck with the right side about 2 inches longer or equal to the left.
  2. Cross the one end over the shorter end(Right or left depending on your dominant hand), and bring the side you choose up behind and through the other side, tying a loose knot.
  3. Fold the dominant hand side into a bow tie shape by pulling and folding it over itself, then pinching it to your neck. The center of the bow shape should be between your collar points and in the center of your neck.
  4. Pull the side that’s hanging down over and in front of the side you just made the Bow with. 
  5. Now, fold the longer end into the shape of a bow.
  6. Push the long end through the loop which is behind the shorter end. Located in the back where you Just hanged over and in front of you. 
  7. Pull both ends to tighten the knot.
  8. Adjust your tie and admire your work!



Remember when tying the bow tie don’t strive for perfection because it shouldn’t be a perfect knot. The “perfect knot” is slightly lopsided, asymmetrical, and perfect in virtue of its imperfections. That’s what makes a bow tie a bow tie !! Sharp Crisp Clean individuals stay away from clip on’s 🗣🗣!


A Dab of Light Blue

SummerTime! The season between spring and autumn that  usually occurs in the months of June, July, and August. Palm trees , sunshine,  98 degree weather in the daytime of course are just some of the things that come to mind around this time of year . When you Live Sharp Crisp Clean, one must adapt with the times and as seasons change so does the dab of color.  A dab of color never hurt nobody a wise man once said ! Summer time is the perfect opportunity to display colored Bow ties while one travels and experiences the world.  In order to Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean one must obtaining particular set of skills that everyone does not have. So the dab of Color that will be highlighted this month will be the color, Light Blue.  Light blue is beneficial to the mind and body and is often related to cleanliness. So wearing a dab of light blue exemplifies being Clean! 

A dab of light blue can do wonders to any suit or attire one may choose to wear. Picture this ; A beach wedding in the middle of June that you are attending and you decide to live SCC. Your attire consist of a tan suit similar to the color of the inside of chopped wood, an off white dress shirt, a Gold Rolex, gold lapel pin and a bow tie with light with a matching pocket square from www.sharpcrispclean.com. That look alone would do wonders and set you apart from everyone whose attending the wedding . The feeling of empowerment, confidence, stylish, oozing with the dab of light blue would have everyone glorifying the ground you walk on. The dab of color will change continuously but for now I encourage you to add a dab of light blue . 


Wine not?!

Wine not!? The most difficult thing to do in life is figuring out when to wear certain outfits that in our case allows you to be Sharp Crisp Clean. Questions that run through minds on a daily basis can range from; When to wear the wine suit? Do I include a bow tie ? Pocket Square? Loafers or wing tips? White button up shirt or white button up no collar? Go Grown and sexy, possibly with a black shirt ? The answer is simple!! Always go with  the Complete Look!!!   The complete look will  always set you apart from the rest and defines being Sharp Crisp Clean. What's the complete look you ask ? Well let me tell you!  No matter the occasion, the location, or even the time, the complete look consist of having your pocket square, SCC bow tie , coat if your wearing a suit, watch, and hard bottoms,loafers or shoes. (Make sure your shoes are shine and in good condition because ladies love a man with Clean good looking shoes). 

Wine suits as stated in last weeks blog is a necessity in all SCC wardrobes. Bringing them out in the summer time with the  SCC BowTie that compliments and adds a splash of confidence, color and completeness to the outfit speaks volumes!! To give all of you  Sharp Crisp Clean lovers the secret to success, a list of recommendations on when to wear the SummerTime Wine! 

A Wedding in the Summer that's either outside or inside. As long as the wedding colors are not similar to the suit .. Wine Not!?  

A day party on a roof top starting at noon and ending whenever. Wine Not!?

A dinner date with your beautiful family, wife , girlfriend, or fiancé to an upscale restaurant. Wine Not!? 

A company dinner to celebrate success. Wine Not!? 

A club on South Beach!? Wine Not!? 

A highschool reunion at that the beach or even a five star hotel. Wine Not!?  

 Attending the NFL or NBA draft to hear your name called . Wine Not!?

Bachelor party in the summer spring or fall. Wine Not!?  

The wine suit provides value, exudes uniqueness , exhibits swag and demands attention . So again I ask you Wine Not!?