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Floral Fanatic

A key element to being Sharp Crisp Clean is being able to kill many different looks. When I use the word kill, I use it in the context of making anything you wear look great, lit, fresh, clean, sharp, fye!! The end goal is to look good and feel good no matter your lifestyle. Being that it's summer time, what better way to show a unique expression of individuality by wearing Floral pattern bowties. Floral is a design, that is pertaining to or consisting of flowers.

Ask yourself this! How many weddings do I have to attend this summer or year? Do I love to add items to my outfits that make it pop? Do I enjoy getting compliments from others about what I wear? Do I dare to be different ?  Being that you're reading this blog I'm positive that the answers to all those questions are yes!! So let's embrace being a Floral Fanatic. 

A Floral Fanatic ladies and gentleman is an amazing  thing. Floral bowties will allow you to showcase your  confidence , sophistication  and is just a clean look. It's not a suit color, a shirt color, a pants color that you couldn't coordinate with a Floral bow tie. The bow ties you wear shows creativity , style and can make a lasting impression on anybody you meet. So allow me to provide you with gems, nuggets, and pivotal information that will benefit you at all times.  Be sure to check out all the new floral bow ties dropping this month in the bow tie section! Sneak peak below ! 


A Dab of Light Blue

SummerTime! The season between spring and autumn that  usually occurs in the months of June, July, and August. Palm trees , sunshine,  98 degree weather in the daytime of course are just some of the things that come to mind around this time of year . When you Live Sharp Crisp Clean, one must adapt with the times and as seasons change so does the dab of color.  A dab of color never hurt nobody a wise man once said ! Summer time is the perfect opportunity to display colored Bow ties while one travels and experiences the world.  In order to Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean one must obtaining particular set of skills that everyone does not have. So the dab of Color that will be highlighted this month will be the color, Light Blue.  Light blue is beneficial to the mind and body and is often related to cleanliness. So wearing a dab of light blue exemplifies being Clean! 

A dab of light blue can do wonders to any suit or attire one may choose to wear. Picture this ; A beach wedding in the middle of June that you are attending and you decide to live SCC. Your attire consist of a tan suit similar to the color of the inside of chopped wood, an off white dress shirt, a Gold Rolex, gold lapel pin and a bow tie with light with a matching pocket square from www.sharpcrispclean.com. That look alone would do wonders and set you apart from everyone whose attending the wedding . The feeling of empowerment, confidence, stylish, oozing with the dab of light blue would have everyone glorifying the ground you walk on. The dab of color will change continuously but for now I encourage you to add a dab of light blue . 


Wine not?!

Wine not!? The most difficult thing to do in life is figuring out when to wear certain outfits that in our case allows you to be Sharp Crisp Clean. Questions that run through minds on a daily basis can range from; When to wear the wine suit? Do I include a bow tie ? Pocket Square? Loafers or wing tips? White button up shirt or white button up no collar? Go Grown and sexy, possibly with a black shirt ? The answer is simple!! Always go with  the Complete Look!!!   The complete look will  always set you apart from the rest and defines being Sharp Crisp Clean. What's the complete look you ask ? Well let me tell you!  No matter the occasion, the location, or even the time, the complete look consist of having your pocket square, SCC bow tie , coat if your wearing a suit, watch, and hard bottoms,loafers or shoes. (Make sure your shoes are shine and in good condition because ladies love a man with Clean good looking shoes). 

Wine suits as stated in last weeks blog is a necessity in all SCC wardrobes. Bringing them out in the summer time with the  SCC BowTie that compliments and adds a splash of confidence, color and completeness to the outfit speaks volumes!! To give all of you  Sharp Crisp Clean lovers the secret to success, a list of recommendations on when to wear the SummerTime Wine! 

A Wedding in the Summer that's either outside or inside. As long as the wedding colors are not similar to the suit .. Wine Not!?  

A day party on a roof top starting at noon and ending whenever. Wine Not!?

A dinner date with your beautiful family, wife , girlfriend, or fiancé to an upscale restaurant. Wine Not!? 

A company dinner to celebrate success. Wine Not!? 

A club on South Beach!? Wine Not!? 

A highschool reunion at that the beach or even a five star hotel. Wine Not!?  

 Attending the NFL or NBA draft to hear your name called . Wine Not!?

Bachelor party in the summer spring or fall. Wine Not!?  

The wine suit provides value, exudes uniqueness , exhibits swag and demands attention . So again I ask you Wine Not!? 



SummerTime Wine

When the word wine arises the first thing that comes to my mind is an elegant, ball, or special event that brings together friends, family, coworkers and of course lovers. In regards to being Sharp Crisp Clean wine is defined as that colour that intensifies your demeanor , adds a splash of style , an enormous amount of confidence , and demands attention from all eyes. When you want to impress and set the mood for any debonair occasion the wine coloured suit is a necessity. It's life or death!! It's the keys to success!! It's like buying a new car with no payments!! It's like walking out of a casino with winnings from roulette compared to walking out, loosing everything playing blackjack!! It's like your favorite team winning the Super Bowl compared to your team loosing in the NBA finals game 7!! You get the picture, the feeling is life changing and doesn't come around often. So why wouldn't anyone want to feel this way on a consistent basis? It's attainable to you, if you Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean. The world is yours and everything that's in it. The SummerTime Wine changes lives one day at a time .

More Wine 

It's 7:00 pm in the evening and you walk into a restaurant with colleagues, friends, families and or your beautiful date. The evening is set to be exquisite yet tasteful. As you step inside, a felling of owners ship comes upon you. The lighting is excellent and the sensational smell of the food causes an uproar in your stomach. The mood is set but the one thing that is missing is the SummerTime Wine suit to set you apart from the rest. 

SummerTime is the best time to live life , hit the scene , and explore. All things are capable with those who are fully prepared. So let SCC style you and put you on the right path. Make sure to get you some wine colored SCC  bowTies to stay SumerTime fly! 


Scarf em up

Accessories are all what you make them. They can bring out the best in any outfit and complete the look. Being that winter has arrive what better accessory to talk about then the oh so incomparable scarf. What is a scarf you may ask? well it's a piece of fabric or cloth that is worn around the neck or head for warmth. SophisticatedClassyClean women use them for style, grace, sophistication, mystery and to just look beautiful.  When it comes to having options this one of a kind accessory that has all the solutions any women is looking for. Scarves can range in color, size , length, and pattern. Below is a description of different types of scarves 

Rectangle Scarf or Long Scarf

Most common type of scarf that is a timeless shape that has and will be around for a long time. It allows SophisticatedClassyClean women the flexibility to style the scarf in a lot more different ways.

The Infinity Scarf  

The scarf that is simple in style and straight forward and very easy to wear. It's a closed loop with no loose ends. It comes in a wide variety of fabrics and colors and patterns that add that splash of flavor to any outfit.   

Square Scarf  

The traditional classy square scarf that brings fashion to a whole another level. Mostly worn over fitted silhouettes, flair dresses, skirts, button down shirts, or even sweaters..  

The Neckerchief  

Smaller version of the square scarf.  

  The Pashmina Wrap    

Made from a cashmere wool  that a luxurious feel that adds an elegant touch to an ensemble. The width of this type of scarf can be worn as a shawl as well. 

Scarves are a essential piece of accessory that SCC women should have and own. Scarf em up during any season just know when to wear what scarf and what fabric. Ladies always remember "you have as many options as you give yourself".  

Scarf Em Up  

Creme De la Creme  

Creme De la Creme  



The Sharp, The Clean, The Scruffy

As a SharpCrispClean individual one must be mindful of all aspects of life in regards to dressing. Fellas when I mention the complete look the reference of personal hygiene is part of the formula. They don't want you to be SharpCrispClean!! So that gives you even more reason to pay attention to the details and exude it at all times. Ladies love a man in a fitted suit but will always examine a man's hygienes to the utmost to make a final decision. To better comprehend what it truly means one would describe hygiene as the practice or activity that you do to keep things healthy and clean.  Activities such as brushing and flossing your teeth, keeping your nails Clean, maintain a sharp haircut and facial hair in order are all keys to success. A SharpCrispClean man should have a PHD in personal hygienistry. 

"Take  care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." -Jim Rohn-

The Sharp  , The Clean, The Scruffy which category do you fall into? Below are are list of scenarios that will keep you in the right category and that should be followed when in SCC attire. 

  • Dress shirt should be clean around the collar. 
  • Nails should be at a certain length and should not contain dirt or any particles underneath them. 
  • Hair should be appropriately groomed and maintained .
  • Beard should be appropriately groomed.  
  • The smell should compliment the way you look. 
  • Showering is a must.  
  • Socks and shoes should not have a foul odor  
  •  Be mindful of your breath 

Be sure to check out next week blogs as we go more in depth on personal hygiene all month.  

No matter the life style you can always Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean 


Under The Scenes

Attention to detail in all things that you do in life will always take you far. When it comes to being SharpCrispClean, the small things can define an outfit, draw the attention one may desire and of course attracts the ladies. Fellas, when wearing a dress shirt under the scenes is very important. The correct under shirt garment must be properly worn at all times.  

In a earlier blog the Power of Colours I stated that a shirt defines you as a person based on the color and how you wear it.  The undershirt is an extension of your dress shirt and is the exclamation point to your definition! 

Why is under the scenes so important you may ask while being SharpCrispClean?   

Imagine going for a job interview and presenting yourself to the boss or hiring manager in a Slim fit navy blue suit, brown captoe shoes, a yellow/gold tie (Power look) with a solid white pocket square. As the interview prolongs the boss is so comfrortable and excited about you he tells you to relax and take off your jacket. Not thinking much about it you take your jacket off and everything from there can go either two ways .... 

If you wore a undershirt with no print on the shirt .. Then dammit!!! The job is in the bag!  But if you either wore a different color under shirt or it had a printing on it and you was sweating, so the boss see's right through it then you may have ruined just about everything you positioned yourself for!! Details and being presentable lets people know you care about the small gritty pieces that make things function properly. It demonstrates that your are willing to go in depth on any argument and aim for perfection or close to it.  

" Details create the big picture". ~Sanford I. Weill~  

Under the scenes the place where most things happen that can either make or break you... But if your SharpCrispClean you aren't most people and your always ahead of the game!