Scarf em up

Accessories are all what you make them. They can bring out the best in any outfit and complete the look. Being that winter has arrive what better accessory to talk about then the oh so incomparable scarf. What is a scarf you may ask? well it's a piece of fabric or cloth that is worn around the neck or head for warmth. SophisticatedClassyClean women use them for style, grace, sophistication, mystery and to just look beautiful.  When it comes to having options this one of a kind accessory that has all the solutions any women is looking for. Scarves can range in color, size , length, and pattern. Below is a description of different types of scarves 

Rectangle Scarf or Long Scarf

Most common type of scarf that is a timeless shape that has and will be around for a long time. It allows SophisticatedClassyClean women the flexibility to style the scarf in a lot more different ways.

The Infinity Scarf  

The scarf that is simple in style and straight forward and very easy to wear. It's a closed loop with no loose ends. It comes in a wide variety of fabrics and colors and patterns that add that splash of flavor to any outfit.   

Square Scarf  

The traditional classy square scarf that brings fashion to a whole another level. Mostly worn over fitted silhouettes, flair dresses, skirts, button down shirts, or even sweaters..  

The Neckerchief  

Smaller version of the square scarf.  

  The Pashmina Wrap    

Made from a cashmere wool  that a luxurious feel that adds an elegant touch to an ensemble. The width of this type of scarf can be worn as a shawl as well. 

Scarves are a essential piece of accessory that SCC women should have and own. Scarf em up during any season just know when to wear what scarf and what fabric. Ladies always remember "you have as many options as you give yourself".  

Scarf Em Up  

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