Club of the Century

Merriam-Webster defines the word club as a group of people who meet to participate in an activity such as a hobby or similar interest.  So when joining a club one must pay close attention to what is being offered, presented, and of course if it's high caliber. Quality over quantity should be the main objective of any club. Exclusiveness is a major 🔑 people!!! Exclusiveness!!  

Think of this like Beyoncé new album Lemonade 🍋🍋, the Beehive 🐝🐝 knew what was coming but had no idea when or how it was coming. The anticipation, the eagerness and the anxiety building and building ..... Once it hit, 💣 !! The world has never been the same. Even think of an exlusive club as the Matrix , will you take the black pill and change the world with SharpCrispClean bowties or the gold pill and be on the outside looking in! Which brings me to the club of the century that everyone should encourage a friend, your grandpa, your father, brother, nephew, employee, even Barack Obama to join the BowTie Club! 

The Bow Tie hints at intellectualism, style, individualism and confidence.  A type of necktie that is acceptable for numerous events and makes the outfit Sharp Crisp Clean.  

This is a club that provides you with an exclusive luxury bow tie and pocket square every month with small surprises. Who doesn't want to be astonished with something with style and grace once a month? What makes it so great, the bow tie gets picked for you!! If nobody else in this world loves you, just know Sharp Crisp Clean will love the hell out of you!  

As stated earlier, never give away all your secrets, build the anticipation and only those with  taste and sheekness will join the club and be blessed with the most distinctive Sharp Crisp & Clean bow ties that will have everyone amazed nightly !! 

A Sharp Crisp Clean individual 1. Buys quality over quantity 2. Breaks the rule of style 3. Uses colors to make the outfit Sharp and 4. Wears things that makes the next person say That's Clean! Join the Club Of The Century! 

  "Now put some Respek on my BowTies"




In Paris, scarves are one of the most celebrated accessories. In the most historical streets in the world you can find several boutiques that exclusively sells the item. An écharpe is as practical as it is fashionable. Since Paris is widely considered the fashion capital of the world, you will find a sea of scarves on parisian men and women alike on any given day.

In the wintertime, the key is to mix style with comfortability. Therefore the primary goal is warmth! Parisian women will wear scarves as large as blankets which goes perfectly with the slimming silhouette underneath. The most popular and most timeless design is checkered or plaid, generally in a neutral color. The bolder fashionista might don a pattern with more personality such paisley or aztec.

In general, the rectangle scarves tend to dominate other shapes and mainly due to its versatility. You can wrap it loosely around your collar or tightly around your neck, tossed carefully over your shoulder, or even draped over your torso like a poncho. The possibilities are endless and this is why the rectangular scarf has remained so popular.

Whichever style you choose, do as the parisians do and stay classy, elegant, and chic. 

No matter your life style you can always Live Sophisticated Stay Classy and Look clean !