The Pea Coat Vibe

According to Webster the word vibe is defined as   a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others. The pea coat is defined as a short, double-breasted overcoat of coarse woolen cloth, formerly worn by sailors.  When you are aiming for a distinguished fashionable, stylish and professional look, I suggest to all the The Pea Coat Vibe. The Pea Coat can bring so much diversity to any individual’s wardrobe. The pea coat was originally worn in the Navy, Shockingly! The Navy trailblazed this fashionable look and we should all pay homage and be glad they did. The pea coat does wonders in the winter and the fall.

The Pea Coat comes in various styles, colors and lengths. It should be the outermost layer when wearing it. Below are a list of items, to piece together with the Pea Coat to keep your vibes positive.

1. Turtle necks

2. Suits  

3. Sweaters 

4.  Scarves 

5. Vest  

The Key to maximize The Pea Coat Vibe is layering up. Below are some pictures that do not belong to me but are great examples. 


Positive vibes is what everyone loves so let’s end this Sunday with The Pea Coat Vibe. If you are looking to purchase Pea Coats the time to do so is now as the season comes to an end. Be sure to check out our future blog that gives specific color combinations with the Pea Coat.