Bob Marley

Classic Man

I'm a classic man. You can be mean when you look this clean I'm a classic man. Calling on me like a young OG I'm a classic man . Your needs get met by the street, elegant old fashioned man Yeah baby I'm a classic man. Lyrics from a unique individual who is bring a 70's flavor to the new generation. Jidenna flashes on to the scene with tailored three piece suits that are distinctive, vibrant in color and most of all they exude his character and style to the utmost. Dare to be different and wear things that fit you as an individual is what defines those that are innovative or reinnovative. 

Jidenna is a man or talent and fearlessness. He was born in Wisconsin but spent most of his childhood in Nigeria. He followed his heart, and dreams to help distinctively create a new  sound to the world of music i.e Hip Hop. Jidenna not only focused on his sound and craft but also emphasize that appearance is everything! Jidenna realized that people will first judge you based off your looks, so to always present yourself in a well dress fashioned and something that uniquely fits your style .  He developed his fashion look based on certain leaders that were in all different facets of society such as Malcolm X, Frank Sinatra to Outkast's Andre 3000 , Bob Marley, people in his community and his father. 

"These men cared about grooming and appearance, but, moreso, they cared about character. ~Jidenna~

Jidenna looks include ascots , skinny ties. Pocket squares , three piece suits , vintage hand clocks, wing collar shirts, suede , a cane , wingtip shoes , pinstripe suits and so much more . A 70's look with a touch of modern style .  A look many question because it's not the usual . A classic man that knows fashion, but more importantly, a man, who exudes confidence, masters his Swag and creates new rules for the game. What are your thoughts on this classic look?