Complete Look


       Royal blue, azure, sky, French, hell even majorelle can be used to describe the eye popping, eye catching shade of blue that makes people imagination wonder. Royal blue gives off a new more vibrant, fun, accepting, opening alternative especially during the Summer, Spring and early Fall. Embrace the Royal blue to the highest degree and it will take you far my son. So let's introduce when and where it can be worn. 

       As the seasons change so does the colors required for men's clothing. The accessories worn by a  SharpCrispClean individual will always stand out but the suit completes the look every time. Picture being on a yacht sipping Chardonnay, or run , or crown Apple, or even just apple juice for the non drinkers. Accompanied with friends, family, and co workers and it's more professional than it is causal not business moves are being made , so of course you want to dress the part for this special occasion. I would bet my last dollar or use my last breath to recommended to any SCC fanatic to wear a Royal blue suit or blazer. JUST ROYAL BLUE IT! 

No information provided is aim to hinder you but instead educated, inform and place you in the right situation to be  Sharp Crisp Clean.  

 Casual Royal Blue 

As a grown man the urge to relax when going out to certain events is eminent. The Royal blue suit or blazer allows you to do as such. The relaxed approach just requires a simple T-Shirt, V- Neck, and some white chinos to really have you  SharpCrispClean. Whether it was being brainwashed since elementary school or gaining an appreciation for the color while growing up, blue is top five when it comes to a color to have in men's clothing . Royal blue has traditionally been a masculine color and can be worn in a variety of ways. All we did was use old rules and applied them to new ways. 


Royal blue to a boardroom meeting, or business event is acceptable but certain rules must apply. First!! Make sure sure the environment doesn't required certain color suits. Next!! Apply nice professional colors underneath to compliment the Royal blue suit. Third!! Pay attention to your boss and employees in the meeting aren't conservative and are oppose to suck master piece. Last!! If you are going to wear it then you are required to master the look and have everyone you encounter coming up to you and telling you damn you Sharp! The Royal blue lightens up the mood, people and environment while still exuding professionalism. ( Never !! Ever!!wear for interviews) 

"Putting on a beautiful design suit elevated my spirit, extols my sense of self, and help define me as a man to whom details matter.  " -GayTalese-

Royal blue is a color that all will learn to love and appreciate . A SharpCrispClean man defies the odds, breaks the rules and leads by example. 

Get with it the program and  Royal Blue it! 



A Wing & A Tip

Wingtip shoes feature a cap toe that comes to a point in the center and spreads out towards the side of the shoe. The shape resembles a wing. A very popular style for men that can be worn with many different textures of clothing. Wingtip a range in color and material but it's everlasting touch on a look is one of a kind.  

Treat your wingtip shoes as a pride possession, make sure they are shined, sleek and the sole is in- tact. A man can't  be SharpCrispClean wearing some old kicks!!!!! Well dress men must have on the right dress shoes.. & Women Agree!    

"A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk" Christian Louboutin

Many may argue but their are two things all gentlemen love and that's a Wing and a Tip. Put the two together and your create a masterpiece I like to call, WingTip shoes. When greatness is created by two things everyone loves ; Why fight them when you can join the club!!

Wingtip shoes are a staple that all men should have in their wardrobe. It fills you with confidence, completes your outfit and adds a unique touch to any look.   

Fellas & women picture this,   when attending a sports bar or a restaurant to watch one of your favorite sport. The first thing we are ready to order are wings. If the wings aren't up to par factored by how our team is doing .. DO WE TIP NO!!! Therefore always treat your Wing & a Tip with the same high expectations. I don't know about you guys but I love me a Wing and a Tip!


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To Double Breast or Not

If you are of the mindset of a SharpCrispClean individual then one must believe that 'fashion is a language, some know it, some learn it, some never will.

The double breasted suit requires unique effort, attentiveness, & time to wear successfully. Men with confidence can easily pull off the look as long as they are mindful to always!! always!!! leave the suit buttoned. This type of suit is more formal than the single breasted, which causes it to be less versatile. 

The Double Breasted is a must have
— MD

To describe a double breasted suit one must conceptualize a jacket with wide, overlapping front flaps and two parallel columns of buttons or snaps. Normally, double breasted coats consist of a column of buttons that's decorative, while the other functional.

Nevertheless , the double breasted suit provides a SCC individual a stylish look that draws just the right amount of attention. A more elegant, older look that will be appreciated by everyone you come in contact with if worn CORRECTLY. I couldn't have done it but it looks good on you.. Is what you will continue to hear from those are scared, not comfortable or unaware of such a beaut! 

The key to the double breasted is making sure it's fitted, tailored towards your body, which ultimately brings out your best features. Short, or tall, skinny or big, brown, black, grey or blue, bow-tie or tie, no matter the accessory or person, as long as it's the rigth occasion wear What Suits You. 

Convey the message you wish to send and the question I raise to you is 

To Double Breast or Not
— MD


From My Head Down To My Soles

A shoe is not only a design, but it’s part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.
— Christian Louboutin

An outfit is only as good as the total pieces put together. So from the head down to your soles everything must be SharpCrispClean. Having a nice pair of shoes does wonders to an individual’s confidence and makes you more stylish. The #CompleteLook should always be your primary focus when dressing business professional or cosmo wear. Amazing dress shoes will take any man to new heights. Dress shoes can make or break an outfit. Picture this, if you are attending an interview or wedding and you have on an SharpCrispClean slim fit suit, a sharp bowtie/tie and a crisp shirt but dress shoes were shoes that was picked from electrical wires in your neighborhood that’s been there for months. Houston we have a problem!! To be happy, it first takes being comfortable being in your own shoes.

To be a #SharpCrispClean individual it is always important to remember to focus on things you can control.

            Quality over quantity!! Get yourself a pair of high quality dress shoes and the compliments roll in more than people roll into the drive through of a Crispy Crème Doughnut shop when the hot doughnut sign is flashing. Women love a man  that's SharpCrispClean from his head down to his soles.

Sharp Crisp Clean (The Complete Look)

The word complete is defined as having all the necessary or appropriate parts, when it comes to men's fashion the complete look should always be the norm. Whether it's business professional or cosmopolitan, having all the right pieces that define the look should never be overlooked. Attention to detail in regards to the accessories and the color scheme no matter the occasion.

The tie if accessorized with a tie clip based on the material should be the same as far as the jewelry goes. Gold tie clip.. gold watch.. gold cuff links ..

Belt should always match your shoes. But never ever wear a belt while wearing suspenders or braces. (Braces and suspenders are different) 

Socks should be an extension of your pants but if bold enough it is encourage to wear designer socks that have style and grace. 

When wearing a blazer or a suit the complete look is adding the pocket square and or the flower lapel. A blazer or a suit jacket always adds the finishing touch to any outfit. Life is to short to wear boring clothes and you can never be overdressed . So Live Sharp!! Stay Crisp!!! and Look Clean!!!!