Crazy Socks

Set Yourself Up-Art

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.
— Anthony Robbins

Up-Art is a company providing accessories that are creative, bold, unique and most importantly SharpCrispClean. The" Up" in the word Up-Art  is short for "Unknown Prodigy". Up-Arts mission is to express individuality through their accessories and provide the spark of change to those who are less fortunate. Project Bamboo Lakou in which Up-Art is working with helps establish bamboo within the Haitian construction sector, as an earthquake-resistant alternative to concrete, and to set in motion a long term reforestation energy. 

As they embark  on their mission I encourage you to check out their website and donate to the kick-starter to help them reach the goal set to start the project.

Always remember when the pressure is on, the time is ticking, the outfit is on the line and the special event is around the corner take a deep breathe, block out everyone in your er and set yourself Up-Art and make the right choice. 


The Game of Socks

As a kid wearing socks was the last thing on our minds. Wearing white, black, tube socks with holes in the heel or toe of the socks was considered normal. Matching socks with outfits or wearing socks that didn't match but still pieces the outfit together, wasn't considered cool.

In our present day of age, who cares if socks are made to keep our feet warm or protect us from athletes foot. "If it looks good then it feels good" is our new day and age slogan.

Bright, multicolored, stripes, flowers, two toned, polka dots, cartoon characters, athletes are all different types of styles that can be placed on socks. Typically when dressing up and being Sharp Crisp Clean  the socks should be an extension of your dress pants. Next time before purchasing socks for an outfit think to yourself are these socks Sharp Crisp Clean, if so buy them if not move on to the next pair.

When the pressure is on, the time is ticking, the outfit is on the line, and the special event is around the corner, take a deep breathe, block out everyone in your ear and make the right choice.

When you play the game of socks, you’re either a veteran or a rookie. There is no middle ground.
— Marvin Dupiton