Dress Shoes

Rocking Dress Shoes With No Socks

    * Sings*Summer, Summer, Summertime. Time to sit back and unwind. *Inserts Fresh Prince Voice* Here it is the groove slightly transformed. Just a bit of a break from the norm. Just a little something to break the monotony.  

     Tis the season ladies and gentlemen!! Dare to be different and remain cool literally and figuratively. With that being said guess what's back? The classic sockless look but with a twist in regards to the shoes it's being done with. More and more men are stepping out the house rocking the dress shoes with no socks look. By no means am I discouraging the look, although I'm a firm believer in the phrase "Fresh Socks is the way to the top"! As a Sharp Crisp Clean individual one must be able to adapt as if we have super powers like mystique from X-Men or as if we were the  ageless wonder of the world Snoop Dogg and spice things up. Mostly anything can work in the world of fashion- but as stated in many of my blogs prior theirs an appropriate look for every occasion. As long as you don't engage in rocking the dress shoes with no socks look while in business attire at a business event, feel free to experiment.                         

    First and foremost the shoes you wear need to stand on their own. Meaning the shoes has to be SCC standard and must be aesthetically appealing to the eye. In fashion sense, it better look how it feel! Any dress shoe is fair game, I would recommended to get some oxfords, Brooks Brothers, Florsheim's, Cole Haans, Stacy Adams, and Johnson's and Murphy's. Make sure your feet are clean, hell it's alright for men to get a pedicure! You never know when you might have to take your shoes off and to save yourself the embarrassment make sure your well groomed! 

    If you're going to do it, make sure the pants or shorts you use are up to par. In regards to pants whether they are cuff bottoms or plain bottoms make sure the break is slightly above the ankle. (2inches) Let's not have the break in our pants too high because then it looks like Capri's. Lotion up those ankles fellas! Jeans , Slim fit pants , slim-cut Chinos , and regular pants that are fitted  will all work. 

   I also recommend buying some cedar shoe trees, or power to help with the sweating that's about to take place in those dress shoes of yours. Cedar shoe tress are for after you wear the dress shoes and the powder is for during.  One must always be prepared and ready for any battle. Feel free to chyme in with any questions, concerns and comments on the dress shoes with no socks below .Images below aren't mine but are good representation of how to wear the dress shoes with no socks.

As always, ~No matter your life style you can  Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean~



From My Head Down To My Soles

A shoe is not only a design, but it’s part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.
— Christian Louboutin

An outfit is only as good as the total pieces put together. So from the head down to your soles everything must be SharpCrispClean. Having a nice pair of shoes does wonders to an individual’s confidence and makes you more stylish. The #CompleteLook should always be your primary focus when dressing business professional or cosmo wear. Amazing dress shoes will take any man to new heights. Dress shoes can make or break an outfit. Picture this, if you are attending an interview or wedding and you have on an SharpCrispClean slim fit suit, a sharp bowtie/tie and a crisp shirt but dress shoes were shoes that was picked from electrical wires in your neighborhood that’s been there for months. Houston we have a problem!! To be happy, it first takes being comfortable being in your own shoes.

To be a #SharpCrispClean individual it is always important to remember to focus on things you can control.

            Quality over quantity!! Get yourself a pair of high quality dress shoes and the compliments roll in more than people roll into the drive through of a Crispy Crème Doughnut shop when the hot doughnut sign is flashing. Women love a man  that's SharpCrispClean from his head down to his soles.