Sharp Crisp Clean (The Complete Look)

The word complete is defined as having all the necessary or appropriate parts, when it comes to men's fashion the complete look should always be the norm. Whether it's business professional or cosmopolitan, having all the right pieces that define the look should never be overlooked. Attention to detail in regards to the accessories and the color scheme no matter the occasion.

The tie if accessorized with a tie clip based on the material should be the same as far as the jewelry goes. Gold tie clip.. gold watch.. gold cuff links ..

Belt should always match your shoes. But never ever wear a belt while wearing suspenders or braces. (Braces and suspenders are different) 

Socks should be an extension of your pants but if bold enough it is encourage to wear designer socks that have style and grace. 

When wearing a blazer or a suit the complete look is adding the pocket square and or the flower lapel. A blazer or a suit jacket always adds the finishing touch to any outfit. Life is to short to wear boring clothes and you can never be overdressed . So Live Sharp!! Stay Crisp!!! and Look Clean!!!!