Royal blue, azure, sky, French, hell even majorelle can be used to describe the eye popping, eye catching shade of blue that makes people imagination wonder. Royal blue gives off a new more vibrant, fun, accepting, opening alternative especially during the Summer, Spring and early Fall. Embrace the Royal blue to the highest degree and it will take you far my son. So let's introduce when and where it can be worn. 

       As the seasons change so does the colors required for men's clothing. The accessories worn by a  SharpCrispClean individual will always stand out but the suit completes the look every time. Picture being on a yacht sipping Chardonnay, or run , or crown Apple, or even just apple juice for the non drinkers. Accompanied with friends, family, and co workers and it's more professional than it is causal not business moves are being made , so of course you want to dress the part for this special occasion. I would bet my last dollar or use my last breath to recommended to any SCC fanatic to wear a Royal blue suit or blazer. JUST ROYAL BLUE IT! 

No information provided is aim to hinder you but instead educated, inform and place you in the right situation to be  Sharp Crisp Clean.  

 Casual Royal Blue 

As a grown man the urge to relax when going out to certain events is eminent. The Royal blue suit or blazer allows you to do as such. The relaxed approach just requires a simple T-Shirt, V- Neck, and some white chinos to really have you  SharpCrispClean. Whether it was being brainwashed since elementary school or gaining an appreciation for the color while growing up, blue is top five when it comes to a color to have in men's clothing . Royal blue has traditionally been a masculine color and can be worn in a variety of ways. All we did was use old rules and applied them to new ways. 


Royal blue to a boardroom meeting, or business event is acceptable but certain rules must apply. First!! Make sure sure the environment doesn't required certain color suits. Next!! Apply nice professional colors underneath to compliment the Royal blue suit. Third!! Pay attention to your boss and employees in the meeting aren't conservative and are oppose to suck master piece. Last!! If you are going to wear it then you are required to master the look and have everyone you encounter coming up to you and telling you damn you Sharp! The Royal blue lightens up the mood, people and environment while still exuding professionalism. ( Never !! Ever!!wear for interviews) 

"Putting on a beautiful design suit elevated my spirit, extols my sense of self, and help define me as a man to whom details matter.  " -GayTalese-

Royal blue is a color that all will learn to love and appreciate . A SharpCrispClean man defies the odds, breaks the rules and leads by example. 

Get with it the program and  Royal Blue it! 



A Wing & A Tip

Wingtip shoes feature a cap toe that comes to a point in the center and spreads out towards the side of the shoe. The shape resembles a wing. A very popular style for men that can be worn with many different textures of clothing. Wingtip a range in color and material but it's everlasting touch on a look is one of a kind.  

Treat your wingtip shoes as a pride possession, make sure they are shined, sleek and the sole is in- tact. A man can't  be SharpCrispClean wearing some old kicks!!!!! Well dress men must have on the right dress shoes.. & Women Agree!    

"A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk" Christian Louboutin

Many may argue but their are two things all gentlemen love and that's a Wing and a Tip. Put the two together and your create a masterpiece I like to call, WingTip shoes. When greatness is created by two things everyone loves ; Why fight them when you can join the club!!

Wingtip shoes are a staple that all men should have in their wardrobe. It fills you with confidence, completes your outfit and adds a unique touch to any look.   

Fellas & women picture this,   when attending a sports bar or a restaurant to watch one of your favorite sport. The first thing we are ready to order are wings. If the wings aren't up to par factored by how our team is doing .. DO WE TIP NO!!! Therefore always treat your Wing & a Tip with the same high expectations. I don't know about you guys but I love me a Wing and a Tip!


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Tie Bar

When it comes to Men's Fashion the smallest item will always set you apart from the rest. Attention to detail as stated in previous blogs is important and should be something every SharpCrispClean individual take into deep consideration. This item can come in all shape or sizes, metal, or wood; Color can range from any color off the color spectrum; Used to accessorize your tie, hold your tie in place and Complete the look.  What's this item I speak of you ask? The all inclusive but very noticeable Tie Bar!!!

To become a Tie Bar aficionado you must first have knowledge about when and how to wear one. For the traditional tie a modern tie bar should extend  1/2 to 3/4 of the way across the width of the tie. For a skinny tie or smaller tie,  the tie bar should not extend across the entire tie but should be smaller and shorter in length . So by no means should you wear a regular tie bar that's larger in size with a Skinny tie!! No! No! No!  

The placement of your tie bar will define your look every time. Always try to match your tie bar with your other accessories. For example, gold watch gold and gold cuff-links, then a gold tie bar should be worn. Set your self apart from the rest and wear tie bars that fit your style and personality. Word to the wise, take into consideration the color and patterned of your tie before just adding a random tie bar to the look because you think it's cool.  Break the rules of style once you know the rules of style!! Thank me later

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.
— John Wooden

From My Head Down To My Soles

A shoe is not only a design, but it’s part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.
— Christian Louboutin

An outfit is only as good as the total pieces put together. So from the head down to your soles everything must be SharpCrispClean. Having a nice pair of shoes does wonders to an individual’s confidence and makes you more stylish. The #CompleteLook should always be your primary focus when dressing business professional or cosmo wear. Amazing dress shoes will take any man to new heights. Dress shoes can make or break an outfit. Picture this, if you are attending an interview or wedding and you have on an SharpCrispClean slim fit suit, a sharp bowtie/tie and a crisp shirt but dress shoes were shoes that was picked from electrical wires in your neighborhood that’s been there for months. Houston we have a problem!! To be happy, it first takes being comfortable being in your own shoes.

To be a #SharpCrispClean individual it is always important to remember to focus on things you can control.

            Quality over quantity!! Get yourself a pair of high quality dress shoes and the compliments roll in more than people roll into the drive through of a Crispy Crème Doughnut shop when the hot doughnut sign is flashing. Women love a man  that's SharpCrispClean from his head down to his soles.

Confidence Women Love

Women love to see a confident gentleman who is #SharpCrispClean. Confidence brings out the best in a person in all areas of life. This specific trait is contagious to everyone you associate yourself with and it attracts more people in your direction. Women love to be around a gentlemen who makes them feel special and at the same time holds themselves to a high standard. What way can you demonstrate this? Other than personality and conversational skills, presentation is everything.  The first impression should always be memorable.  A gentleman who exhibits power, individuality, cleanliness, and B.O.S.S. characteristics, women love to see. Wearing a suit that encompasses the right look based on the occasion is pivotal.  When the attire is #SharpCrispClean your body language gives off a certain aura that is indescribable.

Confidence according to is a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or reliance on one’s circumstances. Now by no means will having a suit on or being #SharpCrispClean give you super powers like those illustrated in comics, but the power of self-belief will surely be enhanced.  The saying that you control your own fate based on life decisions is something I’m a strong believer in.  Life is too short to dress boring so let’s bring back the business professional gentleman and start winning before even getting started. 

If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.
— Marcus Garvey

Pocket Square

Accessories can make or break an entire look and with more knowledge being spread world wide on the subject it is becoming a hot commodity. An accessory some would say is the most important part of an outfit. The pocket square is that rare accessory that helps accent the suit.  It brings a splash of color and personality that can make any suit you wear look #SharpCrispClean.

            “What’s a pocket square”? A pocket square is a form of a kerchief that is a hemmed square of a thin fabric that can be carried in a suit or vest pocket. Pocket squares shows that an individual has a sense of style and attention to detail.

The limitations when it comes to a pocket square are endless. Multi- colored, striped, polka dots, mix patterns, paisley patterns, or four panel pocket squares, the designs are endless.

The general guideline is to have your pocket square color compliment some color on your tie. But why not stand out and be different, times have evolved and now the pocket square doesn't have to match as long as the color coordinates and ties in the whole look.  Trying to coordinate every color makes it look like your trying to hard and instead of getting approval you will get a look of disapproval. In regards to folding the pocket square you have several options, some are complex, some are simple but depending on how you fold it gives you a different appearance.

Always remember the smallest detail will set you apart from many. Women love a well- dressed man who pays attention to the detail. As the pocket squares makes a major comeback into men’s fashion be sure you pick out one that will keep you look #SharpCrispClean.

Check out below a image of pocket squares that's very helpful from

                               Little things make the biggest difference

Know Your Collar

According to a collar is a band that serves to finish or decorate the neckline of a garment. Style is unique and something that you create, so getting a collar that matches your own personal style is something that each and every one should accomplish. The most important thing is to make sure the shirt is fitted and is #SharpCrispClean, once attained everything else will align perfectly.

Classic Point Collar

The classic original collar is a collar that most men can identify as well as have in their wardrobe.  The classic point collar is extremely versatile that works well with business professional and casual looks. This shirt collar looks great with any type of tie knot or bow tie. When trying to be safe and conservative the classic point collar is the go to call for all.

 Cutaway Collar

The cutaway collar looks good with any pattern or color combination you could think of. This collar type can be used for dress up events of socials with the friends or colleagues. The cutaway collar gives a one of a kind appeal that will have you standing out amongst crowds.

Button-Down Collar

The button down collar brings the preppy school boy look to any outfit that you may piece together with it. This button down collar is often seen on casual shirts rather dress shirts because it’s the least formal collar type of them all. Never wear this dress shirt for an interview. It’s highly recommended for the individual who wants to leave the tie at home and marvel them with the look to wear this shirt type.

Spread Collar

Spread collars come in a variety of widths and cuts. This collar style is highly recommended for dressier occasions. They reveal more of the upper shirt while accentuating the tie. Full/ larger knots for example the double Windsor is the ideal tie knot when wearing a shirt collar such as the spread collar. The medium, classic, wide and semi-spread collars are just different classifications of the spread collar.

Wing Tip

The wing tip collar brings a formal look that is normally worn with tuxedos. Ideal to wear with bow-ties but can wear a tie.

Collars based on the designer can vary and an individual should always research and try different ones to add versatility to your style. “Knowledge is power” so abuse your power, while living #SharpCrispClean

Vest Life

“History always repeats itself” a wise man once told me, and as the years go by that statement is definitely a fact. At one point in time vest were expensive, worn by only those with money and associated with older gentlemen. Now a days vest are back by popular demand and are worn to casual and business professional  events all over the world.  According to a vest is a sleeveless piece of clothing with buttons down the front that is worn over a shirt and under a suit jacket.  Having a vest within your wardrobe adds another dynamic and is beneficial because you spend money but you gain more.

In regards to style it’s always important that you know the do’s and don’t when wearing specific garment. In this case a vest first should be well-fitted and long enough to cover a man’s waist. The shoulders of the vest are a key component, which tells us how well it fits an individual and should lie flat against the body. While wearing a vest with a suit the v-shape of the vest should be visible and not hidden by the lapels of the suit.  The bottom button of a vest should always be left undone.  These are traditions that not everyone may be aware of but should be followed and respected to the utmost. Vest have been apart of men’s fashion for years, with very little change in structure and design. Adding a few carefully selected vest could lead to a wide range of options to make you look #SharpCrispClean

When a tradition gathers enough strength to go on for centuries, you don’t just turn it off one day.
— Chinua Achebe

Drop us a comment or send a photo of your style with a vest to be featured on Sharp Crisp Clean. ~Vest Life~

The Love of the Bow Tie

When you wear a bow tie, doors open for you. Your posture is a little more erect; your shoulders are a little further back; your style is a little more dynamic. It’s about the reestablishment of the gentleman.
— Dhani Jones

The bow tie hints at intellectualism, style, individualism and confidence. A type of necktie that is acceptable for numerous events and makes the outfit #SharpCrispClean. Self tie bow ties show the artistic side of an individual and suggest technical acumen.

The bow tie is not for the individual just starting to develop a sense of style. Before adding one to your wardrobe be sure to master the art  of professional and cosmo wear. The bow tie exhibits versatility. The man who wears bow ties is not afraid to experiment. The love of the bow tie has spread like wild fire. The love of the bow tie comes from people wanting to be different and expressing their personality. I compare bow tie shopping to a buffet. I say this because just like a buffet you can choose what you want. In regards to bow ties. In regards to bow ties you choose the material, pattern, color, and what you want to wear with it.

For the love of the bow tie feel free to share your thoughts below.


Styles with Meaning

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.
— Gore Vidal

Every individual has a way of expressing themselves in any facet of life; it is up to that person to always show case and be proud of his/her style.  Style is something that a person can be born with or just develop over time based on experience, passion, and confidence. The most important characteristic a person with style must have is confidence. According to Merriam- Webster confidence is a feeling or belief that you can do something well or has the ability to succeed at something. When it comes to Sharp Crisp Clean every look laid out for an individual is developed with deep thought, passion and a sense of that person’s personality.  To get a better understanding of the meanings behind some of our latest looks here is a more in dept description of them;

  Sharp Look- A look that primarily focuses on the features of the suit and goal is to be more business oriented. Colors’ being more reserved but still shows a sense of style and when seen by others they will be sure to say, “damn he’s sharp”.






Crisp Look- A look that is for open minded individuals who aren’t afraid of wearing color.  The color scheme can range from anywhere on the color spectrum. The suit, accessory, shirt and tie or bow-tie combo will be sure to turn heads and have people staring.






Clean Look- A look that is geared for those who love the night life. Any social event , whether it’s the club, a lounge, a gathering or even a cocktail party we will be sure to have you in a nice fit.  The cosmopolitan look that will have everyone complimenting you and as you walk by they will be sure to say “that’s clean. 






B.O.S.S. Look- A look that demands attention shows who is in charge and the leader among leaders.





24 hour Look- Traditional looks that can be worn throughout the entire day no matter the occasion. 

Live Sharp Stay Crisp Look Clean