Shawl Collar

The Shawl Lapel

Before understanding something, one must know the history. 

The Shawl lapel was first featured to the world when the Victorian Smoking jacket was revealed. This jacket is a garment made of silk or velvet with a combined collar and lapel. The Shawl lapels are quite versatile and are very simple to create, due to the round neckline. The collar focuses on the face of a #SharpCrispClean individual and gives a unique definition of the person's silhouette, making them look more lean. Women love men in a suit that's tailored, fitted and that stands out in a good way. 

Shawl Lapel as we know it

Styles are known to come and go based on certain seasons. One would describe styles as a trend that comes and goes as often as friends do. The classic, traditional, irresistible shawl lapel jacket is defined as the style that disappears better than Houdini in Men's Fashion. The Shawl lapel, roll collar, or shawl collar is a continuous curve most commonly used on the dinner jacket or tuxedo. A jacket that can be used for formal or informal evening wear. 

When determining a look for the night one must first think of himself and then the audience. A #SharpCrispClean individual must always "Suit Up Right" for the occasion and should aim to make everyone in the room describe him as being . . . . . .  Sharp , Crisp, Clean.

The Shawl lapel is being featured currently in all award ceremonies by all the famous stars, high school students attending prom & and homecoming and in wedding parties. 2015 has been the year of the Shawl Lapel and I would advise everyone if possible to have one in your wardrobe. The comeback is here to stay as long its being worn correctly. Personally the Shawl lapel gives individuals the classic B.O.S.S. Look.  Business-Men Originate Situational Suits