What is Paisley?

The distinguishable paisley pattern will stand out amongst crowds. The origin of this pattern began in Iran and became very popular in  the 18th and 19th century. The most frequent question I run across in reference to paisley pattern ties, bow ties, and pocket squares is when can I wear them? What or how can I wear them ? The answer that I give ... Wait for it .... anything your heart desires.  

But seriously, there's levels to this paisley game so let me give you some direction.  Shirt styles you can wear paisley patterns with 

  • Stripe Shirts recommended  
  • Solid Shirts recommended  
  • Gingham Shirts Recommended  
  • Floral Shirts be cautious  

When putting together a  SharpCrispClean outfit with paisley accessories aim to keep the outfit simple. (I always encourage adding a splash of color) 

Paisely pattern accessories at times, contain multiple colors in it's display. Use this to your advantage and draw out the smallest color combination, which will essentially make the outfit stand out in a SCC type way.  

Paisely pattern accessories are one of my top choices because it demands attention, demonstrates personality and shows people that you have skills to pay the bills. 

The question I ask you now after reading this .., When's the next time your wearing Paisley? 


Young, Fly and Foolish

According to dictionary.reference.com walk is define as advance or travel on foot at a moderate speed or pace; proceed by steps; Oxforddictionaries.com defines air as the invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth, mixture mainly of oxygen and nitrogen.  Walking on Air therefore can be interpreted as an individual who is advancing him/herself in life on earth while taking moderate steps until reaching their ultimate goal and becoming successful. Trey Parker and Antwan Williams created Walking on Air, Success Tips for the Young Fly and Foolish, which is a book that entails tips, information and insight on how to conduct and execute professional goals. The book is interesting, and a very simple read that I encourage all inquisitive minds to check out.

“The individuals who walk on air are free and willing to take a leap of faith and live in the clouds. The clouds represent a place of serenity where dreamers can dream and creative minds are free to construct the unfathomable.”  An excerpt from the book that was very influential and best summarized what this book is about.

Trey Parker one of the authors of Walking on Air, Success Tips for the Young Fly and Foolish, obtained his bachelor degree from the Florida State University and a masters in business administration from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. In 2010 he was initiated into the Iota Delta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. He truly believes in the quote “If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door, and lives by it every day. Mr. Parker’s lifestyle requires him to value the importance of living SharpCrispClean, while inspiring everyone he comes in contact with in regards to his book. As a current financial adviser for Edward Jones Mr. Parker is required to dress professionally on a daily basis so it’s a necessity to have as many professional looks as possible and that’s what we at SharpCrispClean provide Mr. Parker with.

Antwan Williams II is a strong believer in a quote from Steve Jobs that states “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you want to become.”  He obtained his bachelors degree from the Florida State University and his masters in Health Administration from the University of Central Florida. In 2010 he was initiated into the Iota Delta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. Mr. Williams is a big advocate of dressing SharpCrispClean, in which it gives him a big advantage in anything he does in life.  Mr. Williams is a leader that constantly inspires through his actions and words. He makes it his goal to empower all those that he comes in contact with, while providing them with tools and resources to take control of their lives. A prime example of this is Walking on Air, Success Tips for the Young Fly and Foolish.

Be sure to check out the book for yourself, you wont be disappointed .

No Matter the lifestyle you can always Live Sharp Stay Crisp Look Clean

Sharp Crisp Clean (The Complete Look)

The word complete is defined as having all the necessary or appropriate parts, when it comes to men's fashion the complete look should always be the norm. Whether it's business professional or cosmopolitan, having all the right pieces that define the look should never be overlooked. Attention to detail in regards to the accessories and the color scheme no matter the occasion.

The tie if accessorized with a tie clip based on the material should be the same as far as the jewelry goes. Gold tie clip.. gold watch.. gold cuff links ..

Belt should always match your shoes. But never ever wear a belt while wearing suspenders or braces. (Braces and suspenders are different) 

Socks should be an extension of your pants but if bold enough it is encourage to wear designer socks that have style and grace. 

When wearing a blazer or a suit the complete look is adding the pocket square and or the flower lapel. A blazer or a suit jacket always adds the finishing touch to any outfit. Life is to short to wear boring clothes and you can never be overdressed . So Live Sharp!! Stay Crisp!!! and Look Clean!!!!