Two Button Suit

How to wear a Blazer!

A suit may not be always the ideal look for you so let me educated you on an alternative. A blazer is a type of jacket that is considered suitable for formal occasions. Although blazers are similar to suit jackets, they do not feature matching pants. Blazers also often feature less structured shoulders than suit jackets.

We only live once so why not set the tone every time you step out with a outfit that makes them stare. Stepping out no matter the day is something that everyone looks forward to and are excited for. Any event requires a great deal of attention, style, and to be quite frank you need to be fresh! So it’s only right when hitting the scene as a Sharp Crisp Clean individual I drop the keys to success for all those that live such a lifestyle.

The blazer symbolizes grown man status, trust, uniqueness, the ability to understand fashion, class and a positive aura. The blazer for a Sharp Crisp Clean individual is like Superman with his cape, Black Panther and his vibranium, Rick Ross with his beard. It simply gives you super powers!!! The blazer should utter the words “I have arrived” once you stepped in the room without even saying a word. Check out some SCC tips on how to rock the Blazer.

1.Blazer/ Turtle Neck/ Jeans 👖/Loafers or Hard Bottoms  / Pocket Square 

2. Blazer/ Button up shirt 👔/ dress pants / Hard bottoms  /Pocket Square 

3. Blazer/ BowTie/ Jeans 👖 / Dress shirt/ Wingtips/Pocket Square 

4. Blazer / Designer shirt/ Dress pants / Pocket Square/ loafers 

There are multiple different  styles of blazers, but two most frequent blazers are the double-breasted the single button and the two-buttons.


A great blazer must fit well and be tailored to your body. Taking it to a local tailor shop or if the store you purchased provides this service is recommended. 

Things to look out for when looking for a fit:

  • If the blazer pulls and forms an “X” when buttoned.

  • If the shoulders and sleeves of the blazer will be tight and have pulls. Also if the sleeves are too long or short 

  • If the shoulders either extend past your natural shoulder or have a wrinkled and disheveled appearance. 



The Power of the Top button

The ability to bring about change, the skill to impact, influence or set a positive trend in fashion. When speaking on fashion and referring to the word power, that's the way I define and view it. The most subtle attention to detail can alter any look in a stylish manner. Let's not get it misconstrued, I am a very large proponent on always completing the outfit and wearing a Bow tie or a tie but certain times calls for certain Sharp Crisp Clean looks. In this case let me provide you with the knowledge, and pertinent information that will increase your wardrobe looks tremendously.

The power of the top button on a dress shirt is endless . It visually brings something appealing that the ladies love, and it provides and alleudes a strong sense of confidence/sex appeal. Fellas by no means will that sex appeal be at a all time high if the inside of your collared shirt is dirty!!!!! Sharp Crisp Clean in all facets of life!!! Picture this a light bluish/grey suit brown wingtips a white collared shirt buttoned all the way up, a stylish SCC pocket square a gold watch. Talk about Look Sharp! Below are examples of the power the top button holds! Photos do not belong to Sharp Crisp Clean. 


Classic, Blue double breasted blazer. Light blue shirt with top two buttons unbuttoned



Blue suit, white collared shirt buttoned all the wear up. 

Grey suit checkered shirt and pocket square .Top two buttons unbuttoned 

Grey suit checkered shirt and pocket square .Top two buttons unbuttoned 

When the desire to switch up and add looks to your wardrobe, don't hesitate to use the power of the top button. No matter your lifestyle ..... Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean.  

Suit up Right

If you suit up right you will be #SharpCrispClean day and night.  A man's wardrobe should always  contain a variety of professional attire. A nice tailored #SharpCrispClean suit should be at the top of the list for every gentleman in the world. A wise man once said, 

Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.
— Arthur Ashe

In reference towards an earlier blog " What Women Want" women loves a man in a tailored suit, so fellas take note to what is said in this blog and run with it. 

Professionalism, sharpness, confidence and standing out above the rest is what a man in a  #SCC suit exudes. In order to know what to buy and wear one must ask himself three questions, 1. Does the suit  suit you?  2. Are you wearing the suit correctly? 3. Does the suit fit the occasion? These questions will always lead an individual in the right direction in regards to acquiring the right suit.  Before understanding the details one must know the basics!! Class is in session, so lets educate!! Thank me later

Single Button Suit 

The one button suit can be worn  to any special moments of your life except for interviews. The classic one button is normally considered  in reference towards dinner jackets and shawl lapels. Any individual can pull off this exquisite suit and maximize the complete look, when worn properly. The button of your jacket should be fasten while standing and unbutton when sitting down.

Two Button Suit

Undeniably,  the most well know style of suits is the two button suit. It looks amazing and it fits every occasion. Regardless of weight and height every gentleman can wear a two button suit. The proper way to wear a two button is to always button the top button while unfastening only when sitting down. 

Three Button Suit

The three button suit is a timeless look and has been worn for occasions that do not require a specific professional or formal attire. The last button should absolutely be open and when sitting down all should be unbuttoned. The suit is worn more so by the bold and fit's taller individuals.

Double Breasted 

Double Breasted suits are classified as the suit you wear when your confidence is high, a fresh haircut and a great sense of style. The double breasted suit is the kid in middle school that everyone loves sometimes and hates others. This suit is in and out of style but when done correctly, eyes will gaze in amazement. Most double breasted suits have a peak lapel and can be worn to professional settings. (Not Interviews) The top button should be fastened only. * Inside the suit should be fastened as well hence the name double breasted.