A Dab of Light Blue

SummerTime! The season between spring and autumn that  usually occurs in the months of June, July, and August. Palm trees , sunshine,  98 degree weather in the daytime of course are just some of the things that come to mind around this time of year . When you Live Sharp Crisp Clean, one must adapt with the times and as seasons change so does the dab of color.  A dab of color never hurt nobody a wise man once said ! Summer time is the perfect opportunity to display colored Bow ties while one travels and experiences the world.  In order to Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean one must obtaining particular set of skills that everyone does not have. So the dab of Color that will be highlighted this month will be the color, Light Blue.  Light blue is beneficial to the mind and body and is often related to cleanliness. So wearing a dab of light blue exemplifies being Clean! 

A dab of light blue can do wonders to any suit or attire one may choose to wear. Picture this ; A beach wedding in the middle of June that you are attending and you decide to live SCC. Your attire consist of a tan suit similar to the color of the inside of chopped wood, an off white dress shirt, a Gold Rolex, gold lapel pin and a bow tie with light with a matching pocket square from www.sharpcrispclean.com. That look alone would do wonders and set you apart from everyone whose attending the wedding . The feeling of empowerment, confidence, stylish, oozing with the dab of light blue would have everyone glorifying the ground you walk on. The dab of color will change continuously but for now I encourage you to add a dab of light blue . 

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