Floral Fanatic

A key element to being Sharp Crisp Clean is being able to kill many different looks. When I use the word kill, I use it in the context of making anything you wear look great, lit, fresh, clean, sharp, fye!! The end goal is to look good and feel good no matter your lifestyle. Being that it's summer time, what better way to show a unique expression of individuality by wearing Floral pattern bow ties. Floral is a design, that is pertaining to or consisting of flowers.

Ask yourself this! How many weddings do I have to attend this summer or year? Do I love to add items to my outfits that make it pop? Do I enjoy getting compliments from others about what I wear? Do I dare to be different ?  Being that you're reading this blog I'm positive that the answers to all those questions are yes!! So let's embrace being a Floral Fanatic. 

A Floral Fanatic ladies and gentleman is an amazing  thing. Floral bowties will allow you to showcase your  confidence , sophistication  and is just a clean look. It's not a suit color, a shirt color, a pants color that you couldn't coordinate with a Floral bow tie. The bow ties you wear shows creativity , style and can make a lasting impression on anybody you meet. So allow me to provide you with gems, nuggets, and pivotal information that will benefit you at all times.  Be sure to check out all the new floral bow ties dropping this month in the bow tie section! Sneak peak below !


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