For the Love of the Brown Wing Tip

When the love for a person, place or thing runs so deep, one can't help but to hold it close to your heart ! In this case, For the Love of Brown WingTips let's make it an extension of ourselves and place it on our feet!! A Sharp Crisp Clean Wardrobe separates from the rest , illuminates all eyes and participates in any conversation that deals with being Top 5! There isn't a pants in any mans wardrobe that I couldn't simple insert the Brown WingTips to help complete the look. Before I bless you with the Brown Wingtip movement, let's first educate !!

Wingtip shoes feature a cap toe that comes to a point in the center and spreads out towards the side of the shoe. The shape resembles a wing. The color brown one would define as a color that is pigment-rich, beautiful, elegant, and exudes everything that makes the harm warm. When we combine those two together you get a master piece heavenly sent ! The Brown WingTip should be the highlight of any season. A well defined, tailored royal blue suit, a pastel color BowTie and a white shirt with the heart warming brown WingTips. Well ladies and gentlemen from that day forward the sky is the limit! My first question to you would be, what are we taking over first?!  For that elegant color concept, for that artistic demonstration, for that unique sophistication of class emitted by Brown WingTips is where my love derives from. 

Brown WingTips can come in many different Shades of Brown. Each shade of brown can be worn for a different occasion. Add value, versitality and individuality to ones wardrobe is what we at Sharp Crisp Clean preach.

BowTies and  Brown WingTips are one hell of a combination and can be worn by anyone who wants to Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean.  


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