Loafers, Suits, & Bow Ties

A loafer can be defined as a person who is generally lazy, likes to sleep in and do nothing all day, a person who is allergic to the grind , the hustle, the hardship. Scared and unmotivated to put in the work to get the results. Loafers in reference to shoes, is a shoe that doesn't have a lacing system and can be slipped on the foot. A less casual style shoe with a small heel. So ultimately it takes less work to put on, compared to other dress shoes. Combine the two definitions and you get the ideas and stereotypes on penny loafers. I'm here to change that and to encourage you why a Sharp Crisp Clean individual defies that definition. Actually incorporating loafers into your outfit when wearing a suit and a Bow tie is even more difficult to accomplish in comparison to hard bottoms and wingtips. Dare to be different but look Sharp Crisp Clean while doing it, is what life's all about. PLEASANTRIES!! 

Loafers , Suits & Bow Ties creates a look that's different, a situation that's unique, a visual masterpiece like Picasso!  The bow tie demonstrates a particular set of skills that attracts and stimulates the opposite sex. The suit sets the foundation! The loafers completes the look! It Demonstrates that you are an individual that pays attention to detail. A person who is alert and focused on the finer things in life. 

By no means do you ever wear loafers a suit and a bow tie to an interview or a professional setting! By no means! Like always, theirs a place and a time to wear anything . This will be addressed in a later blog.

Life is only as difficult as we make it when it comes to style so let's not . Loafers, a suit and a Bow Tie is a Summer Time must. 

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