Outside Wedding

When it comes to a wedding, the scenery is everything. It's one of the most important factors at a wedding other than the brides wedding dress. Although, being that we are Sharp Crisp Clean individuals the grooms suit is the most important element at a wedding. (Fellas don't you dare tell your finance that either) Thank me later !!

The venue will make the first and last impression  for all those who attend the wedding. It lures you in similar to the way Aladdin summoned his genie back into the 24 karat gold lamp. It calls your name, touches your soul, and delivers an aroma of love into the air that can't be discovered anywhere else except at such a wonderful ceremonial wedding. The unparalleled warm yet romantic botanical garden, the sound of the ocean shore as the sunsets, the elegant yet extravagant water fall back drop scenery associated with the classy, yet beautiful white folding chairs. All should paint a vivid picture into your mind that either makes you reminisce or day dream about any upcoming wedding. With that being said of course as a Sharp Crisp Clean connoisseur one must be fully prepared.  A list of items that must be present, accounted for, or avoided when attending an outside wedding 

1. Small Rag  

2. High quality Shades (I.e. Ray Bands, Versace) 

3. Cell Phone

4. Mint 

5. Thin / small men's wallet 

6. Should be wearing an undershirt under your dress shirt. Plain White undershirt unless your shirt is dark. 

7. A Watch  

8. Stay away from polyester suits . Wool is your best friend. 

9. If you sweat a lot try to avoid taking your jacket off during pictures.  

10. Wear deodorant and cologne before attending  

11. Microfiber shirts are ideal 

12.  Cigar 

Mother Nature can be our best friend or our worse enemy. The outside wedding especially in the summer time is becoming a lot more common. Therefore it is only right to be as equipped as a army Swiss knife and have all the keys to success. Lifestyles matter ! Appearance matters! So why not do yourself a favor and Live Sharp Stay Crisp and Look Clean on these special occasions.

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