When you hear the word oxblood as a Sharp Crisp Clean individual the first thing that should come to mind is the oh so versatile burgundy dress shoes!! Oxblood dress shoes are also known as Cordovan dress shoes. This colour dress shoe is a requirement for any individual who aspires to add quality to ones wardrobe. The oxblood dress shoe adds the missing piece to any suit bow tie combination. Dare to be different. Dare to add a different look that many may have no idea existed. Dare to bring a new colour within the outfit that brings excitement, the last missing ingredient, the final touch! Oxblood is a color considered to be a dark shade of red. It resembles burgundy, but has more of a darker brown hue to it. It's the new wave. The new sense of fashion that eliminates doubts and fears.  The new red!! Wingtips , hard bottoms, loafers 👞... In the oxblood color,  is as pleasant to the eyes as food porn. 

Picture this!  A Sharp Crisp Clean Bow Tie a eye popping, extravagant,  medium grey suit, a clean white shirt, and a pair of oxblood wingtip hard bottoms. Any mishaps within an outfit can become a life crisis!! Quality can become catastrophic when an important part of the element is out of order. 

Before one is able to execute dressing Sharp Crisp Clean , educating and understanding the knowledge is a necessity.   The oxblood dress shoe demonstrates creativity that many aren't confident enough to pull off. The versatility of the ox blood shoe is demonstrated in the amount of suits this dress shoe is compatible with. The yin to our yang in regards to living Sharp Crisp Clean. It's a lifestyle that's attainable to all! 

Brown Suit ✅ 

Black Suit  ✅

Blue Suit  ✅

Grey Suit  ✅

Olive Suit ✅ 

Do yourself a favor and make sure you have a pair of oxblood dress shoes to help expand your wardrobe and add a different, creative, exciting visualization that brings harmony to the soul! 


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