Pant Break

The break in a pair of dress pants is the fold or creasing due to the length of fabric resting on one’s shoes. In simple terms it's the length of your dress pants relative to your dress shoe. Throughout history the style of ones pant break has changed continuously. Based on the individuals style, body type , occasion or season. What's very important to know in reference towards your pant break is that once you make that decision of getting your pants tailored,  it will drastically change a pair of trousers. If you plan on putting a high break on a pair of trousers then that's the length it will be moving forward, depending on how much the tailor cuts the fabric.

Keep in mind not everyone can pull off the different styles of pant breaks. Pant length is a decision that should have less to do with fashion trends, and more to do with the style that fits you best. 

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