Sigma man essentials you should have in your closet: Shopping for a Sigma man; He'll love this!!

 History Of Phi Beta Sigma

  Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. is an African American Greek-letter fraternity that was established on January 9th, 1914, at Howard University. Black excellence at its finest representing the colors royal blue and pure white. Men of Phi Beta Sigma motto is culture for service and service for humanity. They take an oath and a pledge to uphold the principles of Phi Beta Sigma at all times. As Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity evolved, extraordinary artistic representation of the fraternity become apparent in forms of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity strolls, Phi Beta Sigma vintage Greek paraphernalia, sigma walk, Phi Beta Sigma graduation strolls, Phi Beta Sigma probate shows, and pledges demonstrating their love and passion for the fraternity. #GOMAB #MAB

The Importance Of Bringing Luxury Back Into The Community

   The exclusive handmade Sigma Collection speaks to the soul of every man of Sigma apart of this extraordinary fraternity. The Phi Beta Sigma ties and bow ties reveal a unique stylish look that embodies the fraternity in a positive prestige manner. Luxury is made for Kings that are pioneers in everything that they do. Luxury is a state of great comfort and extravagant living so it's only right that the MAB receives exclusive apparel to wear every chance they get. The Sigma Collection emphasizes the colors of royal blue and pure white which represents   purity and riches. A community of men that come from luxury since the beginning of time, therefore this form of luxury through style and high fashion is the perfect attire for the men of Phi Beta Sigma. #Blue #GOMAB 

How Does The Sigma Collection Make You Feel/Benefits

    • Look your best and create amazing Sigma photos that will last a lifetime!
    • Luxury crafted men's accessories that allow you to look your best while strolling, stepping, doing community service, preaching, or working in any field as a man of Phi Beta Sigma. 
    • Luxury handmade custom apparel that raises your self-esteem, confidence, satisfaction, and social standing.
    • Treating your favorite Sigma man to luxury for all his hard work, dedication, birthday, achievements, fathers day, anniversaries, graduation gifts, etc. #Phibetasigmaapparel 
    • Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Ties, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Bow Ties 
    • Phi Beta Sigma Ties 

Are you shopping/looking for Phi Beta Sigma paraphernalia well this is the perfect luxury shop that is guaranteed to make any Sigma feel and look pretty!! Wearing items from our Sigma Collection exudes a sense of intelligence, poise, confidence, rich in mindset, and the ability to take over the world. Shop now by clicking the image below.


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