Suit Pocket Etiquette

For some odd reason whenever you're wearing a suit you seem to have so many things to carry and place in your pocket. When you wear a suit, damn near every day like myself, eventually you start finding the tricks and trades in where to place things. My suit becomes a Swiss army knife, a batman utility belt, an indestructible armor, a Captain American shield, my Black Panther special made vabranium suit! You get the point!! With that being said as a Sharp Crisp Clean connoisseur it's only right that I bless you with some gems .

Before the blessing most always come the lesson. A suit is a set of men's garments of the same color and fabric, consisting of a jacket, trousers and if it's a three piece, a vest. A pocket is a shaped piece of fabric attached inside or outside a garment, which ultimately forms a pouch used to carry small articles. Etiquette is defined as a code of behavior that portrays expectations for social behavior according to conventional norms within a society. When we combine all three into one phrase we get the rules that I suggest suit lovers should follow to have longer lasting suits. Ever wonder why you have a tear or a hole inside your suit pocket or a small tear on the crease of your pant pocket (side seam pocket)? It occurs mainly because you're applying to much stress on the suit fabric.

Here are some suggestions on what pocket to put certain items

Wallet :Inside suit jacket pocket 

Car Keys:Inside suit jacket pocket if possible place in a brief case , book bag or leave at desk when possible

Cell Phone:Inside suit jacket pocket 

A majority of the items should be placed on the inside of your suit pocket. Look to minimize the size of the items you carry. For example, a Sharp Crisp Clean man should invest in a nice small sized wallet to carry around the essentials. Just as suit fabric is sewed together it can be torn apart. As much as we pay for our suits, it is our due diligence to invest in the knowledge that makes them last longer. 


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