The Pattern Shirt

As men's fashion continues to expand an influx of patterned shirts are becoming an appealing fashion forward look. For the right occasion steering away from the traditional printed collared shirt, if worn correctly can be executed by many.  By no means do I encourage you to do it for any professional or business event. One thing I'm very passionate about is adding value to your suits and a great way to do so is to reinvent them with new combinations. Buying suits are very expensive especially if you value quality! Quality over quantity but when you can make your quantity quality, you are a legend! 

Patterned shirts can alter your suit color to an extent , add a different dimension , or even highlight a specific aspect of your suit that you may not have noticed before. When aiming to maximize the patterned shirt combinations two things you should avoid. 1. Avoid mixing too many patterns 2. Avoid the color combination overload. Self actualization is the ability to develop and maximize potential. Sharp Crisp Clean aims to bring that out you and then some.  Let's go over some patterns that you can find in stores. 

Paisley Patterned  

Great with solid colored Bow ties and ties. No tie look with the top two buttons unbuttoned also is very stylish. 

Stripe Patterned  

Amazing with Paisley patterned bow ties and ties or solids.  

Polka Dot



Animal Print

When it comes to patterns I suggest you keep things simple at first until you understand the art of putting combinations together. Remember doing to much isn't always better. Educating yourself and being knowledgeable on patterns will take you a long way. Be sure to check back in when I highlight and show examples on how to wear each patterned. No matter your lifestyle ... Live Sharp Stay Crisp Look Clean


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