The Power of the White Dress Shirt

A dress shirt defines you as a person based on how you wear it. Ones mood, character, confidence, and even sense of style can be determined by a mans dress shirt. When looking for the perfect tie to tie or tying your favorite bow tie the dress shirt can make it pop or not. Regardless if it’s a hand made dress shirt, a men’s fitted dress shirt, the staple color that must be in your wardrobe is the white dress shirt. Quite frankly I would recommend that you own a few white dress shirts.  Nonetheless, no matter the occasion it is important to dress correctly and fashionably.

White is the most common dress shirt and is often define as a color of perfection, purity, innocence and completion. White dress shirts can be worn to any occasion because of its versatility. It’s ideal in any situation and always recommended to wear for interviews. A white dress shirt was considered the epitome of fashion brilliance and presumably should be as common as owning a pair of socks. The things you should be aware in regards of a men’s white dress shirt is

1. The potential visibility when you begin to sweat.

2. Stain that typically produces on the collar.

3. More likely to get to get spots or stains no matter the activity. 

Due to the power of the white dress shirt you can easily dress it up with a Blazer and a pair of slacks or chinos. You can also pair it up with slacks, suspenders and dress shoes/loafers. The casual shirt wearer can wear it with some jeans and some clean looking dress boots/or even sneakers with no tie. Style is more about know what to wear, when to wear and how to wear it. Here at Sharp Crisp Clean we aim to educate the mind that leads to confidence and poise when the attire is on point. 

The power of this color dress shirt of course can be worn with suits and brings the look of cleanliness. The men’s white dress shirt brings the same aura as a freshly new haircut or tape! Below is one of my favorite bow ties that elicits style, educe compliments, exudes amazing energy and makes you Live Sharp Stay Crisp Look Clean. 

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