The Rise of the Knitted Ties

The word Rise one would define as an increase in amount, extent, size or number. A great example from a historical point of view of an empire that went on a rise would be Rome. Rome was able to gain it’s empire in large part by extending some form of citizenship to many of the people it conquered. In comparison, Knitted ties are making appearances on every magazine, television show, movies, department store mannequins and of course at So how does the Rise of the knitted ties fit in you ask? Well let me explain!!

Knitted Ties moving forward are becoming a thing of widely acceptable fashion in all professional, and social environments. By no means am I suggesting to wear a knitted tie to your medical school interview but once you’re in by all means be my guess. Knitted ties are flat at the bottom because that’s the way it’s knitted and it’s also straight on the sides, that means the top of the tie is as wide as the bottom. A completely different look from traditional ties. This is good for any Sharp Crisp Clean gentleman because the more accessories we can choose from that will allow us to look and feel good, the better! This style of tie can be worn in the Spring, Summer, Winter & Fall!!

What is a Knitted Tie/The Details of the Knitted Tie /Knitted Tie Define

Materials/Patterns/Colors: Knitted Ties are made from a high twisted silk yarn that can either have a crunch or soft in quality. Silk is the widely stereotypical material for knit ties, with wool, cashmere, and cotton also making it’s debut for more seasonal styles. They are often solid-colored, although a Sharp Crisp Clean individual dares to be bold and goes for the more unorthodox patterns. The common horizontal stripes are a fan favorite but the dots are another amazing pattern for knits. – The really dope ones will have the dots hand woven in. The sound they sometimes make when you pinch/rub them is the reason why they have another name, “cri de la soie” or “cry of the silk”).

Width: Most knitted ties are in between 2.25” – 3” (whereas standard ties tend to be 3 – 3.5”, and anything under 3” is considered a skinny tie).

Knitted Tie/ Knit Tie Continuation: Given that knitted ties are rectangular in shape and therefore have a unique property in that they don’t taper toward the top of your torso, the width of necktie you choose is extremely important, as it can throw your look off if done incorrectly.

Reasons why they are on the Rise

  • They won’t wrinkle and are easy to travel with.

  • Work well with casual outfits & professional outfits

  • Great to pair with variations of silk/cotton pocket squares.

  • The laid back suit look pairs perfectly with the knitted tie.

  • Brings Versatility to your wardrobe which is the ultimate plus!!!

  • The shape of the tie goes well with anyone. (In my opinion)

Adding a large amount of style, grace and boldness while bringing a unique twist to the traditional look. Regardless if you’re at the office, company dinner, grown and sexy club or happy hour with friends, the knitted tie is a must add touch of swag to any outfit. Attention to details is what we preach here at Sharp Crisp Clean, so maximizing the details matter. I encourage you to step out of you’re comfort zone and give these stylish ties a shot. I guarantee you will get compliments, walk with confidence and of course you will look clean no matter your lifestyle!! Why resist something that makes you look good?? Let’s make the smart decision and invest in the knitted ties as they make there rise into tie racks and closets all around the world. Don’t say I didn’t warn you ahead of time!! Click the link below and check out the collection. 

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