The ultimate guide to the non-traditional fall suit colors & how to coordinate them!🍁🖤 🔥

Fall Suits 🍁

Fall /noun/The season of the year between summer and winter where suit colors are either rich in tones or dark in colors. When worn with confidence and by applying the proper fashion knowledge suits can become a staple in any man's closet.  

Fall suits every Sharp Crisp Clean individual should have in their closet... Either choose the suit or let the suit choose you...

Burnt Orange/Orange-   Perfect for weddings, proms, anniversaries and outside fall formal functions. Colors that coordinate well... Blue, Brown, White, Purple, Green, Black, Yellow.


Plum- Perfect for black ties, banquets, galas & fall graduations. Elegant yet adds a perfect addition of drip.. Entrepreneurs go to. Colors that coordinate well... Black, White, Brown, Tan.


Olive-   Perfect for church, day parties, outside weddings and daily wear.  Colors that coordinate well... Beige, Tan, Brown, Pink, Orange, Purple.


Wine Red-   Perfect for  black ties, galas, dinner dates proms, anniversary and outside fall formal functions. Colors that coordinate well... Black, Red, true green, true purple.



Any top-of-the-line look & the right accessory can bring it home in the best way. Swap out that common relaxed, no-tie look for something more toned up and chill weather ready. Dark colors and rich earth tones are the key to a fall look but don't forget to apply style & grace to your tie/bow tie.

Adding texture and a vibrant color to your accessories is important. Knit ties will add another layer of depth & attention to detail that will have you looking good and bring in compliments. Check out our list of accessories that adds detail and complete the look in the fall with you suit. 

  • Knit Tie
  • Bow Tie 
  • Pocket Square (Matching or not matching the tie/bow tie)
  • Watch
  • Bracelets
  • Gold Bracelets
  • *Make sure you spray some cologne ( Stay Tune for our top 5 fall colognes) 
  • Hard-bottoms, loafers, sneakers   

Wear that perfect custom handmade suit and stand out at your next special event with a Sharp Crisp Clean custom. Either choose the suit or let the suit choose you... 🍁🖤 🔥 Click on the link below for inquires!!

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