The Perfect Suit Garment Bag For Traveling 🖤 ✈️

~ A SCC luxury garment bag is a soft-sided velvet & leather multi-use bag that exists to carry garments that are delicate and high fashion.~🖤
Packing for a trip is one of the most difficult things to do. Especially if you are planning a trip to an area you've never been to. If you were invited to a wedding, gala, banquet, or need to carry a suit here are the things you need to know to make traveling that much more comfortable.
1. Get you a bag that allows you to focus only on the essential items you need to bring.
2. It is nice to be able to comfortably walk around or through the airport with a carry-on that's simple to hold.
3. Running late for your flight or running through the airport has become that much more convenient. ( Definitely get through TSA/Customs quicker)
4. It's a lot harder to lose your luggage or deal with baggage delays when using an SCC garment bag. All of your belongings stay with you which brings you a lot more peace of mind.
5. A garment bag must be made from quality materials. Cheap material tends to crease and/or bend. And that defines the reason you're carrying a garment bag, to begin with.
6. Make sure the suit bag has sturdy and comfortable handles. We recommend against using a shoulder strap. Carrying a garment bag on your shoulder can result in the bag bending around the contour of your body.


More Tips on what problems the SCC garment bag solves
- Business, & wedding traveling ✔
- A suit bag that's refined and clean ✔
- Handy for stairs and lifting into an overhead bin ✔
- Can fold and unfold ✔
- Takes up less space in hotel rooms, Airbnb's, etc ✔
- Best for suits, blazers, coats, small essentials ✔
- Walkthrough the airport in style ✔
- Look good, feel good be confident in your bag ✔
- Perfect accessory to your airport fit ✔

Click the link below and order one today. Traveling ✈️  has never been so comfortable!!! 🖤


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