Turtleneck Season

A wise man once said "when in season give me a reason"!! That wise man is known as no other than myself, Mr. Sharp Crisp Clean. Bowties as stated in previous blogs can take any outfit from boring to extraordinary, from dry to classic, from aww that's nice... to damn that's Sharp Crisp Clean!! As a SCC individual, standing out, making a difference and doing it while looking good should be the motivation. Just like the saying goes "we were all born original so why die a copy" gives us even more affirmation that we can be fashionable in a suit. 

Which leads me to why all SCC individuals should invest in turtlenecks. Ladies and gentleman it's turtleneck season for a reason!! Imagine a medium grey suit with a black turtleneck underneath with a Sharp Crisp Clean pocket square or a royal blue double breasted suit with an off white turtleneck and brown wingtips. I'm a strong advocate for Bowties but versatility is the aspect to all of life.  That versatility can be attained with the insertion of Turtlenecks within your wardrobe. Turtlenecks are pleasantries, sent from heaven above. A fashion statement that keeps you warm, dapper and brings instant sex appeal to any outfit.  

The turtleneck plays the role of the accent color when pairing it with a suit, so be careful in trying too do to much while wearing it. All of us are guilty of overthinking the most simplest things in life but I'm here to provide you with the keys to success.

*Cues in song* When it's cold outside.... in the month of May. (Brings out Turtlenecks) 

Be sure to look out for future post on specific outfits you can wear with turtlenecks and like always leave a comment and ask questions. It's turtleneck season with a nice SCC pocket square. Below are some great examples of turtlenecks with suits. (Photos do not belong to Sharp Crisp Clean) No matter your life style ......


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