When is the right time to Un-tie

Bow ties are one of the hottest trends out that are here to stay and now there’s a new way to wear them: Open-faced. This style is worn more like a scarf and displays an air a form of sex appeal to your ensemble. Only when done at the end of the night. Around midnight an untied bow tie goes from being sloppy to sexy. An individual who can't tie a bow tie most likely brings an untied bow tie with him to parties. A bow tie aficionado who knows how to tie one would always want to shows the skills and acumen required to actually pull off the bow tie. 

Let’s imagine being at an event and although the end time is no where near, you decide to Un-Tie your Bow Tie. At this point the event still has two hours left to go but now you’ve switched to a new look. Shoot I’m guilty of sometimes wanting to alter my appearance at an event even if it’s a small but subtle move. The most important thing to remember though is when you attend an event Sharp Crisp Clean why change or dumb down the look? ......Exactly!!  

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Attending an event in this day and age will more than likely have iPhone's, cameras, droids, or even camcorders that  will be out and flashing!  The odds of you not being in a picture and ending up on somebody’s social media are slim to none. So when you arrive to that special event do not, I repeat do not un-tie your Bow Tie within the first hour. When doing so everyone looks at you as the guy who is already doing the most . The one person who wants attention and for the wrong reasons. 

“Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered." - Giorgio Armani 

Aim to be remembered for the right reasons. The untied attire is a lot more appealing when attempting such style with a regular tie. 

So, here are the rules:

  1. Tie your own Bow Tie !
  2. Have it tied most of the time. (3/4)
  3. An hour before the end of the party then it’s acceptable to untie the bow tie .
  4. Feel confident about the attire you piece together. 

As always no matter your life style .....  Live Sharp Stay Crisp Look Clean 

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